On a Commercial Basis definition

On a Commercial Basis means in accordance with usual and customary commercial practice in the telecommunications industry;
On a Commercial Basis means in accordance with usual and customary commercial practice in the telecommunications industry; by redesignating paragraph (f) as paragraph (p) and inserting “has” after “or”; by redesignating paragraph (k) as paragraph (f), striking out “INTELSAT”, and inserting in lieu thereof “Company’s”; by striking out paragraph (g) and redesignating paragraph (c) as paragraph (g); by inserting the following new definition after paragraph (g):
On a Commercial Basis just means taking out of the profit and loss account all transactions where the business might be subsidised by its owners or where the owners are paying themselves more

Related to On a Commercial Basis

  • Date of Commercial Operation or “COD” means

  • Commercial Item means a commercial item as defined in FAR 2.101.

  • Scheduled Commercial Operation Date shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 5.4.1;

  • Approved Commercial Bank means a commercial bank with a consolidated combined capital and surplus of at least $5,000,000,000.

  • Commercial driver s license" means:

  • Commence commercial operation means, with regard to a unit that serves a generator, to have begun to produce steam, gas, or other heated medium used to generate electricity for sale or use, including test generation subject to the following:

  • Commercial Launch means on a country-by-country basis, the first sale of a Product to a Third Party following Regulatory Approval of the Product in such country.

  • Half Year means the period of six months commencing on the first day of April or October of a financial year;

  • Scheduled Commercial Bank means any bank included in the second Schedule to the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 (2 of 1934).

  • Commercial Sale means for a given product and country the sale for value of that product by a Party (or, as the case may be, by an Affiliate or permitted sublicensee of a Party), to a Third Party after regulatory approval (if necessary) has been obtained for such product in such country.

  • commercial fishing means to take, harvest, hold, transport, or off-load marine species for sale or intended sale (R.I. Gen. Laws § 20-1-3).

  • Shared-Loss Quarter has the meaning provided in Section 2.1(a)(i) of this Commercial Shared-Loss Agreement.

  • Sales assessment ratio studies means sales assessment ratio studies

  • Commercial vessel means any vessel not owned and operated by the United States military or the United States Coast Guard.

  • Ambulatory surgical facility means a facility that:  Is licensed by the state where it is located.  Is equipped and operated mainly to provide for surgeries or obstetrical deliveries.  Allows patients to leave the facility the same day the surgery or delivery occurs.

  • Techno-Commercial Bid means proposal submitted by the Bidder in accordance with Clause 8.15.1;

  • MONTHLY KILOMETREAGE STATEMENT CUM BILL means the format specified by the Company.

  • Best available control technology (BACT means an emissions limitation (including a visible emission standard) based on the maximum degree of reduction for each pollutant subject to regulation under CAA which would be emitted from any proposed major stationary source or major modification which the Department, on a case-by-case basis, takes into account energy, environmental, and economic impacts and other costs, determines is achievable for such source or modification through application of production processes or available methods, systems, and techniques, including fuel cleaning or treatment or innovative fuel combustion techniques for control of such pollutant. In no event shall application of best available control technology result in emissions of any pollutant which would exceed the emissions allowed by any applicable standard under 7 DE Admin. Code 1120 and 1121. If the Department determines that technological or economic limitations on the application of measurement methodology to a particular emissions unit would make the imposition of an emissions standard infeasible, a design, equipment, work practice, operational standard, or combination thereof, may be prescribed instead to satisfy the requirement for the application of best available control technology. Such standard shall, to the degree possible, set forth the emissions reduction achievable by implementation of such design, equipment, work practice or operation, and shall provide for compliance by means which achieve equivalent results.

  • Guaranteed Commercial Operation Date has the meaning set forth in Section 3.9(c)(i).

  • Commercial Facility means the Commercial Facility made available under this Agreement as described in Clause 2.1 (Facility).

  • Commercial Operation Date means the date on which a Material Project is substantially complete and commercially operable.

  • Shared-Loss Month means each calendar month between the Commencement Date and the last day of the month in which the tenth anniversary of the Commencement Date occurs, provided that, the first Shared-Loss Month shall begin on the Commencement Date and end on the last day of that month.

  • Combination Product means (a) a product containing a Licensed Product together with one or more other active ingredients that have independent biologic or chemical activity when present alone that are sold as a single unit, or (b) a Licensed Product together with one or more products, devices, pieces of equipment or components thereof, that are sold as a single package at a single price.

  • Commercial unit means such a unit of goods as by commercial usage is a single whole for purposes of lease and division of which materially impairs its character or value on the market or in use. A commercial unit may be a single article, as a machine, or a set of articles, as a suite of furniture or a line of machinery, or a quantity, as a gross or carload, or any other unit treated in use or in the relevant market as a single whole.

  • Non-Administrator Ambulatory Surgical Facility means an Ambulatory Surgical Facility which does not meet the definition of an Administrator Ambulatory Surgical Facility.

  • Clinical nurse specialist means a registered nurse with relevant post-basic qualifications and 12 months’ experience working in the clinical area of his/her specified post-basic qualification, or a minimum of four years’ post-basic registration experience, including three years’ experience in the relevant specialist field and who satisfies the local criteria.