No Obligation Sample Clauses

No Obligation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company shall have no obligation to obtain or maintain any director and officer insurance policy if the Company determines in good faith that such insurance is not reasonably available in the case that (i) premium costs for such insurance are disproportionate to the amount of coverage provided, or (ii) the coverage provided by such insurance is limited by exclusions so as to provide an insufficient benefit.
No Obligation. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as an obligation on the part of Secured Party to extend or continue to extend credit to Borrower.
No Obligation. It is expressly acknowledged and agreed that neither the Company nor Canaccord will have any obligation whatsoever with respect to a Placement or any Placement Shares unless and until the Company delivers a Placement Notice to Canaccord, and then only upon the terms specified therein and herein. It is also expressly acknowledged that Canaccord will be under no obligation to purchase Shares on a principal basis. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the terms of a Placement Notice, the terms of the Placement Notice control.
No Obligation. This Subsection 4.4(l) shall not (i) require the Borrower to undertake any prepayment pursuant to this Subsection 4.4(l) or (ii) limit or restrict the Borrower from making voluntary prepayments of the Term Loans in accordance with the other provisions of this Agreement.
No Obligation. Landlord shall not be obligated to insure, and shall not assume any liability of risk of loss for, Tenant’s Property, including any such property or work of Tenant’s subtenants or occupants. Landlord will also have no obligation to carry insurance against, nor be responsible for, any loss suffered by Tenant, subtenants or other occupants due to interruption of Tenant’s or any subtenant’s or occupant’s business.
No Obligation. No Lender shall be obliged to exercise any right given to it by Clause 34.1 (Right to Set-Off).
No Obligation. Customer agrees that BNPP PB, Inc. shall be under no obligation to effect or settle any trade on behalf of Customer and that BNPP PB, Inc. reserves the right at any time to place a limit on the type or size of transactions which are to be settled and cleared by BNPP PB, Inc. For the avoidance of doubt, no BNPP Entity is required to extend, renew or “roll-over” any Contract or transaction including, but not limited to, any Contract executed on an “open” basis or demand basis with Customer, notwithstanding past practice or market custom.
No Obligation. Agents shall not have any obligation whatsoever to any Lender or to any other Person to assure that the Collateral exists or is owned by Crown Holdings or any of its Subsidiaries or is cared for, protected or insured or has been encumbered or that the Liens granted to Agents herein or pursuant to the Loan Documents have been properly or sufficiently or lawfully created, perfected, protected or enforced or are entitled to any particular priority, or to exercise at all or in any particular manner or under any duty of care, disclosure or fidelity, or to continue exercising, any of the rights, authorities and powers granted or available to Agents in any of the Loan Documents, it being understood and agreed that in respect of the Collateral, or any act, omission or event related thereto, such Agent may act in any manner it may deem appropriate, in its sole discretion, given such Agent’s own interests in the Collateral as one of the Lenders and that no Agent shall have any duty or liability whatsoever to any Lender, provided, that, notwithstanding the foregoing, such Agent shall be responsible for its grossly negligent actions or actions constituting intentional misconduct.
No Obligation a Paying Agent shall not be obliged (but shall be entitled) to make payments of principal or interest in respect of the Notes, if: