Coordination Sample Clauses

Coordination. The Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall confer regularly to coordinate the planning, scheduling and performance of preventive and corrective maintenance on the Large Generating Facility and the Attachment Facilities. The Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall keep NYISO fully informed of the preventive and corrective maintenance that is planned, and shall schedule all such maintenance in accordance with NYISO procedures.
Coordination. The Company and the Dealer Manager shall have the right, but not the obligation, to meet with key personnel of the other on an ongoing and regular basis to discuss the conduct of the officers.
Coordination. (i) Any Net Sales Proceeds paid to the Special Limited Partner pursuant to Section 5.1(b)(iii)(A) prior to a Listing shall reduce dollar for dollar the amount of a Listing Note to be issued and distributed pursuant to Section 5.1(c). If the Special Limited Partner receives a Listing Note pursuant to Section 5.1(c), (A) the Special Limited Partner would no longer be entitled to receive distributions of Net Sales Proceeds pursuant to Section 5.1(b)(iii)(A), a Termination Amount pursuant to Section 5.1(d) or the Investment Liquidity Amount pursuant to Section 5.1(e) and (B) any Net Sales Proceeds received by the Partnership after the Listing shall be applied first to satisfy the Partnership’s obligation to make distributions pursuant to the Listing Note.
Coordination. If upon termination of employment, Executive becomes entitled to rights under other plans, contracts or arrangements entered into by the Company, this Agreement shall be coordinated with such other arrangements so that Executive’s rights under this Agreement are not reduced, and that any payments under this Agreement offset the same types of payments otherwise provided under such other arrangements, but do not otherwise reduce any payments or benefits under such other arrangements to which Executive becomes entitled.
Coordination. The Engineer shall coordinate issues and communications with State’s internal resource areas through the State’s Project Manager. The State will communicate the resolution of issues and provide the Engineer direction through the State’s Project Manager.
Coordination. Establish with the Design Professional procedures for coordination among the Owner, the Design Professional, and the Contractor. Establish similar procedures for coordination between Contractor and its Subcontractors and Suppliers with respect to all aspects of the Project, and implement such procedures.
Coordination. (a) Prior to the Effective Time, Company and its Subsidiaries shall take any actions Buyer may reasonably request from time to time to better prepare the parties for integration of the operations of Company and Company Bank with Buyer and Buyer Bank, respectively. Without limiting the foregoing, senior officers of Company and Buyer shall meet from time to time as Buyer may reasonably request, and in any event not less frequently than monthly, to review the financial and operational affairs of Company and its Subsidiaries, and Company shall give due consideration to Buyer’s input on such matters, with the understanding that, notwithstanding any other provision contained in this Agreement, neither Buyer nor Buyer Bank shall under any circumstance be permitted to exercise control of Company or any of its Subsidiaries prior to the Effective Time. Company shall permit representatives of Buyer Bank to be onsite at Company to facilitate integration of operations and assist with any other coordination efforts as necessary.
Coordination. 2.3.1 LIDDA shall ensure coordination of services within the LSA. Such coordination must ensure collaboration with other agencies, criminal justice entities, other child- serving agencies (e.g., Texas Education Agency (“TEA”), Department of Family and Protective Services (“DFPS”), Independent School Districts (“ISDs”), family advocacy organizations, local businesses, and community organizations. LIDDA shall, in accordance with applicable rules, ensure that services are coordinated: