Uniform Sample Clauses

Uniform. All employees shall receive a standard issue of uniforms (winter and summer) and uniform accessories, and may request replacement of such uniforms as needed. Requests for replacement of uniforms shall be honored in a timely fashion and not unreasonably denied.
Uniform. 29.01 The uniform allowance for employee(s) will be provided on the following basis: A full, clean uniform, or suitable work clothing as specified by the Employer, shall be worn at all times while performing services on behalf of the Company. Uniforms are required so that employees will present a neat, professional appearance and image of the Company. The Company agrees to furnish uniforms and the employees are responsible for maintaining uniforms. Employees are not to wear their uniforms in places that would reflect negatively on the Company's image, during non-working hours. Failure to adhere to the uniform code at all times shall result in discipline, up to and including discharge. The Company will provide a maximum of two (2) pairs of safety boots. Under no circumstances will the balance be carried forward in the employee's accounts receivable from one fiscal year to the next.
Uniform a) Wearing of uniform is compulsory and as per PSIRA requirements. Corporate wear shall be worn at Office buildings and combat uniform for field work.
Uniform. The SERVICE PROVIDER shall ensure that all workers engaged by the SERVICE PROVIDER in Driving the busses / Helping & cleaning the busses, Maintaining the Telephone operation are supplied with proper Uniform on all days of work within the Premises of IIMC. Two sets uniform per annum (shirt and trousers) should be provided to all the workers and one sweater should be provided for the entire contract period. The IIMC Authorized Person shall have the powers to either disallow entry of workmen found without Uniform inside the IIMC premises or alternatively xxxx the workers found working without proper uniform as absent for the day.
Uniform a. The Applicant acknowledges that the College’s Uniform Policy forms part of this Agreement.
Uniform. The SERVICE PROVIDER shall ensure that all workers engaged by the SERVICE PROVIDER are supplied with proper Uniform on all days of work within the Premises of IIMC. The uniform provided shall be of skin friendly fabric which along with the colour shall be approved by IIMC. SERVICE PROVIDER shall further be responsible to provide certain specific apparels to protect the workers from seasonal and climatic hazards, which shall be approved by IIMC in all respect (colour, fabric and design).
Uniform. PIMS” PROGRAM FOR ALL SHUs A uniform behavioral incentive programProgressive Inmate Movement System (“PIMS”) – shall be established for all SHUs with progressive increases in privileges in accordance with the PIMS level table provided to Plaintiffscounsel (document Xxxxx stamped S048163).1 Upon admission to SHU, all inmates will begin at PIMS I, and their time in PIMS I shall be calculated as of the date their SHU sanction begins. Hearing officers will be instructed to give credit for pre-hearing confinement in a SHU cell when assigning the SHU sanction start date. The new PIMS system, except for congregate recreation, will be implemented within 6 months of the Effective Date. The Department shall implement the new PIMS system in a way that maintains or improves the conditions of confinement for SHU inmates (e.g., an inmate at PIMS II under the old PIMS system will be maintained at PIMS II or higher upon implementation of the new PIMS system).