Uniform Sample Clauses

Uniform a) Wearing of uniform is compulsory and as per PSIRA requirements. Corporate wear shall be worn at Office buildings and combat uniform for field work.
Uniform. The Employer agrees that if any employee is required to wear any kind of uniform as a condition of his/her continued employment, such uniform except shirts shall be furnished and maintained by the Employer free of charge. Each seniority employee shall be entitled to a maximum of ten (10) shirts, five (5) of which shall be “winter” shirts, and five (5) of which shall be “summer” shirts. When a shirt becomes worn it will be turned in and replaced by a new shirt. These shirts will be maintained by the employee. Effective May 1, 1994, short uniform trousers will be provided as an option for package and tractor-trailers at no cost to the employ- ee. Such shorts may only be worn in compliance with uniform and appearance standards established by the Employer. Rain gear will be available for those employees assigned to moving vehicles on the Employer’s premises. The Employer has the right to establish and maintain reasonable standards concerning personal grooming and appearance and the wearing of uniforms and accessories. It is agreed that each employee shall put on his/her uniform before re- porting for duty and shall remove his/her uniform after being relieved from duty each day. It is agreed that the time spent in putting on and taking off his/her uniform shall not be paid for by the Employer. Rubber boots will be made available for car washers. Full-time and part-time inside employees who do not meet the pub- lic, and who are not required to wear a uniform, will be permitted to wear shorts at work provided said shorts meet the Employer’s Appearance and Safely Standards. Likewise, full-time and part- time inside employees whose primary job responsibility involves the handling and processing of packages, will be provided with a work apron upon request.
Uniform. The SERVICE PROVIDER shall ensure that all workers engaged by the SERVICE PROVIDER are supplied with proper Uniform on all days of work within the Premises of IIMC. The uniform provided shall be of skin friendly fabric which along with the colour shall be approved by IIMC. SERVICE PROVIDER shall further be responsible to provide certain specific apparels to protect the workers from seasonal and climatic hazards, which shall be approved by IIMC in all respect (colour, fabric and design).
Uniform. The SERVICE PROVIDER shall ensure that all workers engaged by the SERVICE PROVIDER are supplied with proper Uniform on all days of work within the Premises of IIMC. Two sets uniform per annum (shirt and trousers) should be provided to all the workers and one sweater should be provided for the entire contract period. The IIMC Authorized Person shall have the powers to either disallow entry of workmen found without Uniform inside the IIMC premises or alternatively mark the workers found working without proper uniform as absent for the day.
Uniform. All employees shall receive a standard issue of uniforms (winter and summer) and uniform accessories, and may request replacement of such uniforms as needed. Requests for replacement of uniforms shall be honored in a timely fashion and not unreasonably denied.
Uniform. (1) Where an employee is required to wear uniform, such uniform shall be provided by the Company. The Company shall provide a minimum of three sets of uniform in the first instance. Thereafter, replacements shall be on a wear and tear basis.
Uniform. The Employer agrees to provide full uniforms to Meteorological Officers. The Employer further agrees that the uniform provided shall be four (4) pairs of pants or skirts at $60.00 each and four
Uniform a. The Applicant acknowledges that the College’s Uniform Policy forms part of this Agreement.