Principals Sample Clauses

Principals. The District shall pay to each school principal an Allowance as follows: Effective September 1, 2011 $16,875 plus $20.83 per pupil for each pupil over 150 pupils to maximum of $44,622. Notwithstanding the formula, the minimum allowance will be $24,863.
Principals. The insurer will indemnify any party including any principal whom under contract or agreement the insured has agreed to indemnify and/or insure but only to the extent required by such contract or agreement and only to the extent that liability arises solely out of the work performed for the principal by or on behalf of the insured and provided that:
Principals. GROWGENERATION CORP. _______________________ By: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, CEO ________________________ Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx ________________________ Xxxx Xxxxx 22624132-v3
Principals. Elementary (K-5, K-6 & K-8) 208 work days
Principals. The principal implements IPAS activities at the school level. He or she is responsible for ensuring that each instructional employee is oriented and that the required assessment is completed. He or she may delegate some data collection activities to another administrator in the school.