Section 7.7 Sample Clauses

Section 7.7. 26 In the event of an unusual school closure due to inclement weather, plant inoperation, or the like, the 27 District will make the same effort to notify each employee as it does to notify students. Employees 28 shall receive their daily wage in the event such closure is not rescheduled as a future makeup day. If 29 the day will be rescheduled and employees report to work, those employees shall receive a minimum 30 of two (2) hours pay at base rate in the event of such a closure; provided, however, no employee shall 31 be entitled to any such compensation in the event of actual notification by the District of the closure 32 prior to leaving home for work.
Section 7.7. 11 The cost of an employee's physical examination and/or X-rays required by the District as a condition of 12 continued employment will be paid by the District.
Section 7.7. 37 Recognizing that personnel in the Transportation classification present special shift problems, theparties 38 agree that shifts shall be established in that classification in relation to routes and driving times requisiteto 39 fulfilling tasks assigned by the Director of Operations; provided however, that employees in the 40 Transportation classification shall be entitled to the benefits of Section 7.3 to the same degree as any other 41 employee; and provided further that all bus drivers shall receive pay for the purpose of bus cleanup and 42 bus warmup in addition to actual hours of driving time. If there are thirty (30) minutes or less between 43 assignments, the base hourly rate shall continue uninterrupted. Drivers shall receive a minimum ofone (1) 44 hour's pay for each duty call. A duty call is defined as any work other than the normal work shift and 45 workday, noncontiguous with the normal work shift or workday.
Section 7.7. 22 Employees requested or who volunteer to work a shift regularly filled by a higher classification employee 23 shall receive compensation of eighty-five cents ($0.85) per hour more than their current wage. Cooks 24 covering an entire shift for a cashier will be paid the differential rate of pay ($0.85). Employees 25 performing brief periods of collecting payments at the cashier station will not be considered working in a 26 higher classification. (Beginning 9-1-12 Cooks performing minimal cashier duties in Nutrition Services 27 will be paid their regular hourly Nutrition Services rate as per Nutrition Services Schedule A. 28 However, all employees hired for full cashier duties will be paid as per Paraeducator Schedule A) 30 Employees who are required to work in a lower paying classification shall retain their current wage.
Section 7.7. 5 Non-bargaining unit employees of the District may be assigned to runs only on an emergency basis as 6 determined by the transportation supervisor consistent with Section 7.14.
Section 7.7. 39 The District currently pays actual days worked. The employee may take days(s) over two-hundred and 40 sixty (260) as unpaid leave, subject to approval by the supervisor. 41 42 43 44 45 46 2 3 4
Section 7.7. 18 The primary use of video cameras is designed to monitor student behavior. Bus drivers shall be 19 informed on days that a camera has been placed in their assigned bus(es) prior to departure from the 20 District bus garage. Drivers shall have the right to review the recorded videotapes for their bus(es) 21 after making an appointment for such purposes with the transportation supervisor. Tapes will be saved 22 one week so that the drivers may review them. Drivers may request to see tapes of days on which 23 substitute drivers replace them. Upon request drivers may be permitted to view the tapes with the 24 supervisor present. 26 28 ARTICLE VIII 29 30 HOLIDAYS AND VACATIONS 31 32 Section 8.1. Holidays. 33
Section 7.7. 29 Recognizing that personnel in the Transportation classification present special shift problems, the 30 parties agree that shifts shall be established in that classification in relation to routes and driving times
Section 7.7. 41 In the event of school closure due to unforeseen circumstances, the District will make reasonable effort 42 to notify each employee to refrain from coming to work. Employees reporting to work due to the 43 failure of the District to make reasonable effort of notification shall receive two (2) hours pay at their 44 base rate. 45 47
Section 7.7. 22 No employee within our bargaining unit will be hired for less than two (2) hours, except as in 23 accordance with Section 10.5.1. 25 Section 7.8. Early Release. 26 Early release days are defined as those days, which are scheduled to be equal to or less than one-half 27 (1/2) a regular school day, such as report card preparation, conferences, the day before a holiday, and 28 the last day of school. The employee may use one of the following options on these early release days; 29 after the students have been dismissed for the day: