Upon Substantial Completion Sample Clauses

Upon Substantial Completion of the Work or designated portion thereof and upon application by the Contractor and certification by the Architect, the State shall make payment, reflecting adjustment in retainage, if any, for such Work or portion thereof, as provided in the Contract Documents.
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Upon Substantial Completion the Owner shall review any list submitted to him by listing outstanding “punch list” items. Owner shall prepare his own punch list with appropriate values for each item.
Upon Substantial Completion the Owner shall pay the Contractor an amount sufficient to increase total payments to the Contractor to the Contract Price, less any amounts attributable to liquidated damages, together with two hundred percent (200%) of the reasonable costs (as determined by the Owner at its sole discretion), for completing all incomplete work, correcting and bringing into conformance all defective and nonconforming Work and handling any outstanding or threatened claims or any other matters which could cause the Owner damage, cost, expense or delay.
Upon Substantial Completion of the Work, the Owner shall pay the Contractor the unpaid balance of the Contract Price, less a sum equal to the Contractor’s and Owners mutually agreed upon estimated cost of completing any unfinished items as agreed to between the Owner and Contractor as to extent and time for completion. The Owner thereafter shall pay the Contractor monthly the amount retained for unfinished items as each item is completed. Contractor shall notify Owner when it believes the Work is substantially complete. Within five (5) days of Owner’s receipt of Contractor’s notice, Owner and Contractor will jointly inspect such Work to verify that it is substantially complete in accordance with the Contract Documents. If such Work is substantially complete, Contractor and Owner shall jointly prepare and issue a Certificate of Substantial Completion that will set forth (i) the date of Substantial Completion of the Work, (ii) the remaining items of Work that have to be completed before final payment, (iii) provisions establishing Owner’s and Contractor’s responsibility for the Project’s security, maintenance, utilities and insurance pending final payment, and (iv) an acknowledgement that warranties commence to run on the date of Substantial Completion, except as may otherwise be noted in the Certificate of Substantial Completion.
Upon Substantial Completion of the Work, Tenant shall record a Notice of Completion concerning the Work in accordance with Nevada law. A title company of Landlord’s choosing shall have furnished a preliminary title report or commitment for title insurance to Landlord as of the expiration of the forty (40) day period following the recording of such Notice of Completion, showing that no mechanic’s liens have been recorded against the Property in respect to the Work, or Tenant shall acknowledge in writing its obligations with respect thereto as provided in this Lease.
Upon Substantial Completion the Engineer shall provide a copy of the Certificate of Substantial Completion to the Agency.
Upon Substantial Completion. Tenant shall provide Landlord with a punch list of items requiring completion and/or correction with regard to the Initial Improvements (“Punch List”). Landlord shall complete the Punch List as soon as reasonably practicable. Landlord shall own all Building Standard Initial Improvements as part of the Building. Upon Substantial Completion, the Initial Improvements shall be deemed by Tenant to be satisfactorily completed except to the extent noted in the Punch List.
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Upon Substantial Completion. Contractor shall assist the Contracting Officer in the preparation of detailed and accurate Punch Lists and shall require the applicable Subcontractor to complete the final Punch List. Upon Final Completion, Contractor shall provide to the Contracting Officer for approval a certification of Final Completion in a form reasonably satisfactory to the Contracting Officer.
Upon Substantial Completion. Concessionaire shall have care, custody and control of the DB Project. Contractor will assist Concessionaire in the implementation of the Turnover Plan to the extent applicable to the DB Work.
Upon Substantial Completion. BIM files shall be submitted to County, and shall be cleaned of extraneous “scrap” or “working space”, stories, abandoned designs, object creation and testing places, and other content which is typically produced in or during BIM construction coordination.
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