Lesser Amount definition

Lesser Amount means the amount paid by a residential Customer of the amount necessary to end the suspension of Tariff delivery service pursuant to the requirements of Public Service Law § 32 (5)(d), which amount shall be the lesser of (i) the total amount the Customer would have owed NATIONAL GRID for the period of non-payment if the entire service (i.e. Energy Commodity and Tariff delivery service) had been obtained from NATIONAL GRID, or (ii) the actual sum of the amount of arrears owed to ESCO and NATIONAL GRID.
Lesser Amount means for Contracting and Participating Providers, the Lesser Amount means the Lesser of the Negotiated Amount or the Covered Charges. For Non-Participating Physicians and Other Professional Providers, the Lesser Amount means the Usual, Customary and Reasonable Amount (UCR Amount).

Examples of Lesser Amount in a sentence

  • Upon payment of the Lesser Amount, the unpaid portion of the Customer Accounts Receivable shall be identified and included in subsequent bills to Customer until either the unpaid amount is charged back under this Agreement or paid in full, whichever occurs first.

  • Professional Qualifications Request for Lesser Amount The Lowndes County School System is not required to develop an improvement plan or restrict the use of federal education funds pursuant to such a plan, and the state is not required to provide Lowndes County School System the technical assistance that would be required to develop such a plan.Additionally, the state is not required to enter into the agreement required with an LEA.

  • NATIONAL GRID agrees to calculate the fractional share of the Customer Payment (i.e., proration of Customer Payment) for each Party in accordance with HEFPA requirements except upon payment of the Lesser Amount, in which case the payment will be prorated to the Lesser Amount.

  • Professional Qualifications Request for Lesser Amount Professional Qualification information is determined based on need.

  • Payments to Contracting Non-PPO Network Providers are based on the Lesser Amount.

  • Figure VI.1 Goodwill Payments from NECEC LLC to CMP Pursuant to Chapter 820 At 1% of Total CapitalizationAt 2% ofGross Revenue Lesser Amount The proposed transfer includes the assumption by NECEC LLC of the obligations of CMP pursuant to the 83D bid and the TSAs. Specifically, NECEC LLC will assume the costs and risks associated with the construction of the Project.

  • Lesser Amount spent during the reporting period` 28 Million was unspent during the FY 2017-18 and will be spent during FY 2018-19.

  • Compromise Agreement (Article 227):• Requirement for Validity of Compromise Agreement 1993• Jurisdictional Cognizance of Compromise Agreements/Settlements by NLRC and Regular Courts 2007• Novation of a Final and Executory Decision ofa Labor Arbiter by a Compromise Agreement 2007• Validity of a Release and Quitclaim of a Final andExecutory Judgment for Lesser Amount 1999• Annulment of Quitclaim Which Was SignedDue to Dire Necessity 1999• Voluntariness of a Quitclaim Executed by a Middle Manager 1994F.

  • For Non-Contracting Institutional Providers, the Lesser Amount means the Non-Contracting Amount.

  • Coinsurance - a percentage of the Lesser Amount for Contracting Institutional Providers and Physicians and Other Professional Providers or a percentage of the Non-Contracting Amount for Non-Contracting Institutional Providers for which you are responsible after you have met your Deductible or paid your Copayment.

Related to Lesser Amount

  • Trigger Amount with respect to Extraordinary Trust Expenses for the Trust is $25,000 and the Maximum Reimbursable Amount is $100,000. The Trustee Fee will be paid by the Expense Administrator. Expenses will be reimbursed by the Expense Administrator in accordance with the Expense Administration Agreement. Expense Administrator: The Trustee will act as Expense Administrator on behalf of the Trust pursuant to an Expense Administration Agreement, dated as of the date of the Trust Agreement (the "Expense Administration Agreement"), between the Trustee as Expense Administrator (the "Expense Administrator") and the Trust. The Expense Administrator will receive a fee equal to $5,500 payable on each Distribution Date. The Expense Administrator Make-Whole Amount, if any, shall also be considered part of the Expense Administrator's fee hereunder and under the Expense Administration Agreement. The Amounts specified in this paragraph are also referred to as the "Expense Administrator's Fee". The Expense Administrator will be responsible for paying the Trustee Fee and reimbursing certain other expenses of the Trust in accordance with the Expense Administration Agreement.

  • Maximum Revolver Amount means $50,000,000, decreased by the amount of reductions in the Revolver Commitments made in accordance with Section 2.4(c) of the Agreement.

  • Reduction Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 2.05(b)(viii).

  • Aggregate Outstanding Amount With respect to any of the Notes as of any date, the aggregate unpaid principal amount of such Notes Outstanding on such date.

  • Maximum Advance Amount shall be Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000) per Advance Notice.

  • Maximum Facility Amount means the aggregate Commitments as then in effect, which amount shall not exceed $200,000,000; provided that at all times after the Reinvestment Period, the Maximum Facility Amount shall mean the aggregate Advances Outstanding at such time.

  • Daily Maximum Cash Amount means, with respect to the conversion of any Note, the quotient obtained by dividing (A) the Specified Dollar Amount applicable to such conversion by (B) forty (40).

  • Floor Amount means the greatest pre-tax amount of Potential Parachute Payments that could be paid to Executive without causing Executive to become liable for any Excise Taxes in connection therewith; and

  • Broken Amount means, in respect of any Interest Payment Date, the amount specified in the relevant Final Terms.

  • Discount Amount means initially $6,549,982; provided that following any issuance of additional Class C(2020-4) Notes in accordance with Section 2.09, the Discount Amount shall mean the amount specified in the Notice of Additional Issuance.

  • Reference Amount In relation to (a) any Term Obligation, the Outstanding Principal Amount thereof and (b) any Committed Obligation, the Commitment Amount thereof. Utilization Amount: In relation to any Calculation Period, the daily average of the Portfolio Notional Funded Amount during such Calculation Period. Maximum Portfolio Notional Amount: USD750,000,000, or such greater amount as the parties may agree to in writing. Minimum Portfolio Notional Amount: 80% of the Maximum Portfolio Notional Amount. Business Day: New York Business Day Convention: Following (which shall apply to any date specified herein for the making of any payment or determination or the taking of any action which falls on a day that is not a Business Day). If any anniversary date specified herein would fall on a day on which there is no corresponding day in the relevant calendar month, then such anniversary date shall be the last day of such calendar month. Floating Rate Index: Whenever in this Confirmation reference is made to any Floating Rate Option (including any floating rate index specified in any Reference Obligation Credit Agreement) or to USD-LIBOR-BBA (each, a "Floating Rate Index"), in no event may such Floating Rate Index be less than zero. In addition, with respect to any Counterparty First Floating Amount, if payment of interest on a Reference Obligation (or any portion thereof) is subject to the payment of a specified minimum rate regardless of the level of the relevant Floating Rate Index, then, without limiting the effect of the preceding sentence, such Floating Rate Index will be determined without regard to such specified minimum rate. Monthly Period: Each period from and including the 12th day of any calendar month to but excluding the same day of the immediately succeeding calendar month. Calculation Agent: Citibank; provided that, if an Event of Default described in Section 5(a)(vii) occurs with respect to Citibank as Defaulting Party and no Event of Default has occurred with respect to Counterparty as Defaulting Party, then Counterparty may designate any of Bank of America, NA, The Bank of Montreal, Barclays Bank plc, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank AG, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., UBS AG and Xxxxx Fargo Bank, National Association as Calculation Agent, which designation shall be effective only (a) if such designated entity accepts such appointment and agrees to perform the duties of the Calculation Agent hereunder and (b) so long as such Event of Default with respect to Citibank as Defaulting Party continues. Unless otherwise specified, the Calculation Agent shall make all determinations, calculation s and adjustments required pursuant to this Confirmation in good faith and on a commercially reasonable basis. Calculation Agent City: New York Initial Price: In relation to any Reference Obligation (and the related Transaction), the Initial Price specified in Annex I. The Initial Price will be determined as of the related Obligation Trade Date exclusive of accrued interest and will be expressed as a percentage of the Reference Amount. The Initial Price will be determined exclusive of Costs of Assignment that would be incurred by a buyer in connection with any purchase of the Reference Obligation and exclusive of any Delay Compensation.

  • Offset Amount means the amount or amounts which the Joint Venturers may be entitled to offset against future royalty payments pursuant to subclause (3) of this Clause;

  • Balance Amount shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.1 of this Agreement.

  • Aggregate Invested Amount means, as of any date of determination, the sum of the Invested Amounts of all Series of Certificates issued and outstanding on such date of determination.

  • Maximum Undrawn Amount means with respect to any outstanding Letter of Credit, the amount of such Letter of Credit that is or may become available to be drawn, including all automatic increases provided for in such Letter of Credit, whether or not any such automatic increase has become effective.

  • Excess Funding Amount means the amount on deposit in the Excess Funding Account.