Are to be provided definition

Are to be provided means that the item or course of action must be supplied in order to meet the standard.

Examples of Are to be provided in a sentence

  • Are to be provided resettlement assistance (but no compensation for land) and entitled to compensation for assets they may lose (for ex.

  • Are to be provided as part of the process control with all connections, wiring and circuitry.

  • Are deemed not to be eligible Are to be provided resettlement assistance (but no compensation for land) Resettlement Any amount of compensation to which the displaced person is entitled.

  • In addition, lessons learnt from past and on-going Bank financed operations in Malawi have informed the design of this project.

  • The agencies and interested parties will have a chance to review and comment on the draft IIP.▪ It was suggested that the FAQs page of the website be removed.

  • Are to be provided at closing, and Are in the form of a cashier's check, money order, official check, or other type of bank check Have the donor provide a withdrawal document or cancelled check for the amount of the gift, showing that the funds came from the donor's personal account.

  • Are to be provided by the tenant Additional power/sockets and light fittings are to be provided by the tenant Small computer rooms are permitted provided these meet the power and cooling loads for the leased premises.

  • The interviews can be described as “semi- structured”.In semi-structured interviews the researcher has a prepared list of questions or interesting topics that he/she wants to discuss with the interviewee.

  • Are to be provided within the identified resources inExhibit F – Funding.

  • Defendants object to these requests, characterizing them as vague, irrelevant, and burdensome.

Related to Are to be provided

  • The Services means those services ancillary to the supply of the Goods, such as transportation and insurance, and any other incidental services, such as installation, commissioning, provision of technical assistance, training, and other such obligations of the Supplier covered under the Contract.

  • ancillary services undertaking means an undertaking the principal activity of which consists in owning or managing property, managing data-processing services, or any other similar activity which is ancillary to the principal activity of one or more credit institutions;

  • Ancillary Services means those services that are necessary to support the transmission of capacity and energy from resources to loads while maintaining reliable operation of the Transmission Provider’s Transmission System in accordance with Good Utility Practice. Applicable Laws and Regulations:

  • Custom Deliverable means the Work Product that Contractor is required to deliver to DTS under this Contract.

  • Deliverables means the work product and other output of the Services required to be delivered by Contractor as part of the Services, as specified in the relevant section of the Contract.

  • Transition Services means a coordinated set of activities for a child with a disability that:

  • Services Requirements means the requirements of the Authority or any other Contracting Body (as appropriate) for the Services from time to time;

  • Ancillary service means a supplemental service that supports the diagnosis or treatment of the patient’s condition. Examples include diagnostic testing or screening services and rehabilitative services such as physical or occupational therapy.

  • Service Schedules has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.

  • Additional Services has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3.

  • Delivery Services means those services provided by the

  • Statement of Work means the description of activities performed in completing the Project, as specified in the Contract and as may be amended.

  • Services means those functional services ancillary to the supply of the goods, such as transportation and any other incidental services, such as installation, commissioning, provision of technical assistance, training, catering, gardening, security, maintenance and other such obligations of the supplier covered under the contract.

  • SOW means the document specifying, without limitation, the scope, objective, and time frame of the Work that Supplier will perform for Cisco.

  • Hosting Services means the Service of maintaining on NeoSystems’ computing servers certain hosted applications as specified in an Agreement, and making such hosted applications available to Client via network access, together with any hosting support Services, as set forth in an Agreement.

  • Transitional Services means services involving technical or specialized knowledge required to complete a project or to provide temporary consulting services to the City.

  • Training Services means: student attraction activities including marketing and advertising in relation to any training within the Training Provider's Funded Scope; the provision of information about course offerings, fees, support and the impact on an individual’s Entitlement to Funded Training; conduct of the Pre-Training Review; testing any individual’s eligibility for training subsidised through the Skills First Program and any relevant concession or exemption/waiver on tuition fees; enrolment of individuals into a course or qualification, including undertaking any enrolment processes required under this VET Funding Contract; development and documentation of a Training Plan; levying fees, including any concessions, exemptions or waivers; delivering training and assessment that is suitable and appropriate to each Eligible Individual; collecting and maintaining evidence relating to (a) to (h) above, as required under this VET Funding Contract; reporting data and other information to the Department as required under this VET Funding Contract; and any other matters that reasonably relate to the conduct of the activities set out in paragraphs (a) to (j).

  • agreed services means scheduled international air services on the route(s) specified in the Annex to this Agreement for the transport of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail;

  • Information Service Provider A provider of Information Service. Information Service Provider includes, but is not limited to, Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

  • The Equipment/Product means all the hardware, it’s all components, associated software/firmware/operating software which the Vendor is required to supply to the Bank under the Contract.

  • Consulting Services means services of an advisory and intellectual nature provided by consultants using their professional skills to study, design, organize, and manage projects, encompassing multiple activities and disciplines, including the crafting of sector policies and institutional reforms, specialist advice, legal advice and integrated solutions, change management and financial advisory services, planning and engineering studies, and architectural design services, supervision, social and environmental assessments, technical assistance, and programme implementation;

  • Services plan means a written statement that describes the special education and related services the school district will provide to a parentally-placed child with a disability enrolled in a private school located in the district, including the location of the services and any transportation necessary, consistent with 34 CFR §§ 300.132, 300.137-139.

  • Contracted Services means medical services, nursing services, health-related services, ancillary services, or environmental services provided according to a documented agreement between a health care institution and the person providing the medical services, nursing services, health-related services, ancillary services, or environmental services.

  • Work Order means an individually negotiated document that is executed by both Parties and which authorizes a Project, if any, in an indefinite quantity Contract.

  • Contract Material means all material created or required to be developed or created as part of, or for the purpose of performing, the Services, including documents, equipment, information and data stored by any means.

  • The Equipment means any equipment, computer hardware or software, materials, goods and vehicles and associated services necessarily required for the implementation of the Services, which the Supplier cannot reasonably be expected to provide, which are financed or provided by DFID for use by the Supplier.