Regulations and Guidelines Sample Clauses

Regulations and Guidelines. All programming shall conform to all requirements under the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, all rules regulations and written policies of the FCC (the “FCC Rules”) and this KQQK Station Programming Policy. Broker agrees to cooperate with Owner in the broadcasting of programs meeting general industry standards and for this purpose to observe the following regulations in the preparation, writing and broadcasting of its programs.
Regulations and Guidelines. 301.12.01 The Association shall be provided with a copy of all regulations and guidelines as they become available.
Regulations and Guidelines. (a) The LESSEE undertakes to comply with the regulations and guidelines of the LESSOR and not to use, and to ensure that its subcontractors, suppliers and personnel do not use, the name or graphic symbols associated with Université de Sherbrooke for advertising purposes, except by express agreement with the LESSOR.
Regulations and Guidelines. 1.6.1 During the course of the Contract, it is anticipated that various types of waste will be generated. Each distinct waste type will require a different approach for the effective management and disposal as stipulated in the applicable legislation and guidelines.

Related to Regulations and Guidelines

  • General Guidelines a. As time permits, each topic will be discussed fully and recommendations made on the topic before proceeding to another topic.

  • Guidelines The Union will be notified in writing of the targeted classifications/positions involved in the layoff. Seniority as defined in Article 36 shall be used to determine the order of layoff or recall. The use of retention points is hereby abolished. Performance evaluations will not be a factor in layoff.

  • Compliance with Applicable Laws, Rules and Regulations The Dealer Manager represents to the Company that (a) it is a member of FINRA in good standing, and (b) it and its employees and representatives who will perform services hereunder have all required licenses and registrations to act under this Agreement. With respect to its participation and the participation by each Participating Dealer in the offer and sale of the Offered Shares (including, without limitation, any resales and transfers of Offered Shares), the Dealer Manager agrees, and, by virtue of entering into the Participating Dealer Agreement, each Participating Dealer shall have agreed, to comply with any applicable requirements of the Securities Act and the Exchange Act, applicable state securities or blue sky laws, and, specifically including, but not in any way limited to, NASD Conduct Rules 2340 and 2420, and FINRA Conduct Rules 2310, 5130 and 5141.

  • Notification of Laws and Regulations The Servicer shall immediately notify the Issuer, the Indenture Trustee and the Rating Agencies in writing if it becomes aware of any Requirements of Law or CPUC Regulations hereafter promulgated that have a material adverse effect on the Servicer’s ability to perform its duties under this Agreement.

  • Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations Lessee, at Lessee's sole cost and expense (except as provided in Section 2.04 hereof), shall comply with all laws, ordinances, orders, rules and regulations now in effect or enacted subsequent to the date hereof by state, federal, municipal or other agencies or bodies having jurisdiction over Lessee or the use, condition and occupancy of the Leased Premises except that Lessor shall be responsible for construction of the Lessee Improvements in compliance therewith as of the Commencement Date, including, but not limited to, compliance with the ADA as to the Building, but excluding the interior of the Leased Premises which is Lessee's responsibility. Lessee will comply with the rules and regulations of the Building adopted by Lessor which are set forth on a schedule attached to this Lease. At any time, Lessor may change and amend the rules and regulations in any reasonable manner not inconsistent with the terms of this Lease as may be deemed advisable for the safety, care, cleanliness, preservation of good order and operation or use of the Building or the Leased Premises. All changes and amendments to the rules and regulations of the Building will be sent by Lessor to Lessee in writing and must thereafter be carried out and observed by Lessee.

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations (a) The exercise of this option and the issuance of the Option Shares upon such exercise shall be subject to compliance by the Corporation and Optionee with all applicable requirements of law relating thereto and with all applicable regulations of any stock exchange (or the Nasdaq National Market, if applicable) on which the Common Stock may be listed for trading at the time of such exercise and issuance.

  • Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations (a) The Company shall not be required to issue or deliver any Shares pursuant to this Agreement pending compliance with all applicable federal and state securities and other laws (including any registration requirements or tax withholding requirements) and compliance with the rules and practices of any stock exchange upon which the Company’s Shares are listed.

  • Compliance with Governmental Rules and Regulations Except as otherwise provided in the Agreement and except for the accuracy of information furnished to the Funds by Price Associates, each Fund assumes full responsibility for the preparation, contents and distribution of its prospectuses, and for complying with all applicable requirements of the ’40 Act, the ‘34 Act, the Securities Act of 1933 (“the ‘33 Act”), the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”), and any laws, rules and regulations of governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the Funds.

  • Applicable Laws and Regulations The Contractor shall comply with all laws, rules, codes, ordinances, and licensing requirements that are applicable to the conduct of its business, including those of Federal, State, and local agencies having jurisdiction and authority. For example, chapter 287, Florida Statutes (F.S.), and rule 60A, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), govern the Contract. The Contractor shall comply with Section 274 A of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and all prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, creed, national origin, handicap, marital status, or veteran’s status. Violation of any laws, rules, codes, ordinances, or licensing requirements shall be grounds for Contract termination or nonrenewal of the Contract.

  • Compliance with Rules and Regulations PFPC undertakes to comply with all applicable requirements of the Securities Laws and any laws, rules and regulations of governmental authorities having jurisdiction with respect to the duties to be performed by PFPC hereunder. Except as specifically set forth herein, PFPC assumes no responsibility for such compliance by the Fund or any other entity.