Ceiling Sample Clauses

Ceiling. Company and its subcontractors will not affix, attach, or suspend any lighting fixtures, signs, or other fixtures or devices of any kind or nature from the ceiling above any of the Premises without the prior written approval of Authority.
Ceiling. Vacation/holiday hours may accumulate to a maximum of 364 hours. To avoid losing vacation/holiday time accumulation, a nurse who is approaching the 364-hour maximum is expected to manage time off to avoid any accrual loss. The nurse must request vacation/holiday leave at least thirty (30) days in advance of reaching an accrual level that endangers future accruals. Management will make reasonable efforts, consistent with the scheduling provisions of this article, to afford the nurse requested time off. If, due to unit operational needs, the Employer is unable to grant time off, management will alert Payroll that all excess vacation/holiday hour accruals up to a maximum of seventy (70) hours will be placed in a hold bank until such time as time off can be arranged to reduce the balance below the maximum. Vacation/holiday accruals shall not remain in a hold bank for more than six (6) months. In the absence of a proper request for time off, accruals will cease until the balance drops below the maximum 12.4.3
Ceiling. Ceiling grid to be minimum 9’-0” Above Finished Floor (A.F.F.) with new matching 2’ x 4’ or 2’ x 2’ ceiling tiles.
Ceiling. For Services rendered pursuant to Attachment A, the Client shall pay the TP an amount not to exceed to Rs.___________________/- (Rupees in Words) _________________________________________________________________) This amount has been established based on the understanding that it includes all of the TP’s costs and profits as well as any tax obligation that may be imposed on the TP and at no point of time, TP would collect any fee or any charges from the trainees. If at all such instances are brought to the knowledge of the government/client/District Skill Mission this contract stands terminated.
Ceiling. Vacation hours may accumulate to a maximum of three hundred fifty (350) hours; however, in the event of layoff, resignation, retirement or termination, any unused vacation up to three hundred (300) hours only will be paid to the employee. When an employee notifies the Agency they plan to separate from Agency service within the next two (2) calendar months, and the employee has at the time of such notice more than three hundred (300) hours of accrued vacation hours, the Agency and employee will work together to find a mutually agreeable time for the employee to take time off to reduce accrued vacation hours down to the three hundred (300) hours. An appointing authority may authorize cash payment of forty (40) hours, upon determining that granting of vacation leave is not appropriate. The designated supervisor must document the denial of the vacation leave request. Cash payout for accrued vacation leave must not be granted more than once in each fiscal year.
Ceiling. The Company and the Stockholders shall not be entitled to recover Damages pursuant to clause (ii) of Section 13.2 (other than Damages arising by reason of a breach of the representations and warranties made in Sections 4.2, 4.6 and 4.8 ("STOCKHOLDERS' CAP EXEMPT DAMAGES")) in excess of the Merger Consideration. No maximum limitation shall apply, however, to the right of the Company and the Stockholders to recover Stockholders' Cap Exempt Damages or Damages pursuant to clause (i) of Section 13.2.
Ceiling. Seller’s and GEC’s aggregate liability for indemnification claims under this Article 10 arising from breaches of representations and warranties in Article 4 hereof, shall not exceed $27,281,250 (the “Cap”).
Ceiling. 8.5.1 Single Tenanted Floors
Ceiling. Purchaser’s aggregate liability for indemnification claims under this Article 10 arising from breaches of representations and warranties in Article 5 shall not exceed the Cap.
Ceiling. 1. All ceilings and coves shall not exceed 14'0" above the finished floor (excluding mezzanines) unless otherwise approved by Landlord.