Rents Sample Clauses

Rents. Buyer will receive a credit at the Closing for all rents collected by Seller prior to the Closing and allocable to the period from and after the Closing based upon the actual number of days in the month. No credit shall be given Seller for accrued and unpaid rent or any other non-current sums due from Tenants until these sums are paid, and Seller shall retain the right to collect any such rent provided Seller does not xxx to evict any tenants or terminate any Leases. Buyer shall cooperate with Seller after the Closing to collect any rent under the Leases which has accrued as of the Closing; provided, however, Buyer shall not be obligated to xxx any Tenants or exercise any legal remedies under the Leases or to incur any expense over and above its own regular collection expenses. All payments collected from Tenants after the Closing shall first be applied to the month in which the Closing occurs, then to any rent due to Buyer for the period after Closing and finally to any rent due to Seller for the period prior to Closing; payments collected by either party after Closing shall be paid over to the party entitled thereto under this Section within five (5) business days after receipt thereof.
Rents. Rents based on Rents Actually Received Accrued. At Closing, Seller will transfer or credit to 557 Buyer the security deposits for all Leases assigned, or any remainder after lawful deductions, and notify all tenants in writing of 558 such transfer and of the transferee’s name and address. Seller must assign to Buyer all Leases in effect at Closing and Buyer must 559 assume Seller’s obligations under such Leases.
Rents. For the rights and privileges granted herein, Airline agrees to pay to Authority, in lawful money of the United States of America, the following Rents:
Rents. All rents, additional rents, revenues, payments (including payments in connection with the exercise of any purchase option or termination rights), income, issues and profits (including all oil and gas or other mineral royalties and bonuses), deposits, accounts and other benefits arising from the Leases or otherwise from the use, enjoyment and occupancy of the Property and any cash or security deposited in connection therewith, whether paid or accruing before or after the filing by or against Borrower of any petition for relief under the Bankruptcy Code (collectively, the “Rents”).
Rents. Rents and other income and revenue relating to the Property and collected by Seller during the month in which Closing occurs shall be deemed earned ratably on a per diem basis and shall be prorated as of the Pro Ration Date and any excess amount shall be applied to past due amounts, if any. All such amounts collected by Seller or Buyer from tenants or other payors after Closing shall be paid over and applied in the following order of priority: (i) first, on account of rents and other sums due to Seller and Buyer (and pro‑rated between them as of the Pro Ration Date) for the month in which Closing occurs; (ii) if received after the 24th of any month, then second to the next calendar month, with any excess to any past due rents; (iii) if received prior to the 24th of any month, then, on account of rents and other sums due to Seller for any month prior to the month of Closing; and (iv) thereafter, on account of rents and other sums due to Buyer after Closing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Buyer’s obligation to apply rents received after Closing to past due rents owed to Seller shall automatically terminate sixty (60) days after Closing.
Rents. The total annual Rent for the Airline’s Airline Premises will be payable in monthly installments, plus applicable taxes, on or before the first day of each and every calendar month, in advance and without demand, commencing on the Effective Date. The Rent rates for the Airline Premises shall be determined in accordance with the Resolution, and are calculated as follows:
Rents. By the terms of the various Security Documents, certain Restricted Persons are and will be assigning to Administrative Agent, for the benefit of Lender Parties, all of the "Rents" (as defined therein) accruing to the property covered thereby. Notwithstanding any such assignments, so long as no Default has occurred and is continuing, (i) such Restricted Persons may continue to receive and collect from the payors of such Rents all such Rents, subject, however, to the Liens created under the Security Documents, which Liens are hereby affirmed and ratified, and free and clear of such Liens, use the proceeds of the Rents, and (ii) the Administrative Agent will not notify the obligors of such Rents or take any other action to cause proceeds thereof to be remitted to the Administrative Agent. Upon the occurrence of a Default, Administrative Agent may exercise all rights and remedies granted under the Security Documents, including the right to obtain possession of all Rents then held by such Restricted Persons or to receive directly from the payors of such Rents all other Rents until such time as such Default is no longer continuing. If the Administrative Agent shall receive any Rent proceeds from any payor at any time other than during the continuance of a Default, then it shall notify Borrower thereof and (i) upon request and pursuant to the instructions of Borrower, it shall, if no Default is then continuing, remit such proceeds to the Borrower and (ii) at the request and expense of Borrower, execute and deliver a letter to such payors confirming Restricted Persons' right to receive and collect Rents until otherwise notified by Administrative Agent. In no case shall any failure, whether purposed or inadvertent, by Administrative Agent to collect directly any such Rents constitute in any way a waiver, remission or release of any of its rights under the Security Documents, nor shall any release of any Rents by Administrative Agent to such Restricted Persons constitute a waiver, remission, or release of any other Rents or of any rights of Administrative Agent to collect other Rents thereafter.
Rents. For the rights and privileges granted herein, Company agrees to pay to Authority in lawful money of the United States of America, in advance and without demand, all applicable Rents on or before the first day of each and every month, unless otherwise specified, throughout the Term for the Premises. For any period of less than one calendar month that this Agreement is in effect, the Rents will be calculated on a pro rata basis.
Rents. All rents, issues, profits, royalties, avails, income and other benefits derived or owned, directly or indirectly, by the Mortgagor from the Property, including, without limitation, all rents and other consideration payable by tenants, claims against guarantors, and any cash or other securities deposited to secure performance by tenants, under the Leases (herein collectively referred to as "RENTS");