Ceilings Sample Clauses

Ceilings. 13.1 Lambdaboard ceilings, minimum 25mm thick with a width of 1220mm x 1800mm, skimmed with Plascon EZ Joint and EZ Skim system.
Ceilings a. Non-Combustible System All ceilings, related framing, blocking and accessories will be non-combustible. No combustible materials may be used above finished ceiling surfaces.
Ceilings. The obligation of Sellers to indemnify the Buyer Indemnitees pursuant to (A) Sections 9.02(a)(i) (other than with respect to any breach of the Fundamental Representations, a failure to perform any Post-Closing Covenant or the special warranty contained in Section 3.01(c)) shall not exceed, in the aggregate fifteen percent (15%) of the unadjusted Purchase Price, and (B) Section 9.02(a)(viii) shall not, with respect to any Property affected by the failure to obtain the applicable Third Party Consent, exceed the Allocated Value of such Property.
Ceilings. 1.11.1 Ceilings as per Archtect’s specifications.
Ceilings. 22.11.1 Ceilings as per Architect’s specifications.
Ceilings. 13.1 All ceilings will be 9mm Gypsum plaster board fixed to galvanized top-hat sections at 400mm intervals across and 600mm in longitudinal direction. All ceilings joints to be primed, taped and skimmed smooth for paint.
Ceilings. All heights and other dimensions of ceilings, including soffits, ceiling materials, or other special conditions shall be depicted in the Model with the necessary intelligence to produce accurate plans, building sections and wall sections where ceiling design elements are depicted.
Ceilings. (A) For new construction: 2' X 2' Armstrong Cortega #704 ceiling tile with 15" X 16" white metal grid at 9'-0" above finish floor. (B) Existing construction: Match existing.
Ceilings. Restroom, janitor's room, or other areas designated by Tenant's space planner shall be suspended sheetrock on metal tracks, taped and finished, ready for paint. Storage, equipment or other special purpose rooms may be left exposed to the structure where approved by Landlord.
Ceilings. 1. All ceilings shall meet all New York City Department of Buildings requirements.