Vacation Hours Sample Clauses

Vacation Hours. Cash-out 12-month Period
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Vacation Hours. Excess Section 5.1 For purposes of this Agreement, the following terms and variations thereof have the meanings specified or referred to in this Annex A:
Vacation Hours. A member is entitled to earn vacation leave following completion of the first year of service, and thereafter, in accordance with the following schedule. Completed Years of Service Hours Earned Each Year 1 - 5 Years 88 hours 6 -10 Years 128 hours 11-14 Years 168 hours 15 - 19 Years 216 hours 20 or more Years 232 hours
Vacation Hours. All full-time Employees of the Beavercreek Township Fire Department are entitled to their vacation time for the current year at the beginning of that year. The rates are indicated in Table 21.2-1. TABLE 21.2-1 Length of Service 53-hour Employees 40-hour Employees 1 Year 56 hours 42 hours 2 Years through 6 Years 134 hours 101 hours 7 Years through 12 Years 202 hours 152 hours 13 Years through 20 Years 269 hours 203 hours 21 Years through retirement 293 hours 221 hours Probationary Employees, with a minimum of six (6) months of service, may borrow up to twenty-four
Vacation Hours. An employee is limited to donating (80) hours of accrued vacation per calendar year to this Fund, unless the employee’s department director approves a 2 greater amount.
Vacation Hours. Total Hours 43 Hours (No Overtime because time actually worked is less than 40 hours.) The Publisher will endeavor to evenly distribute overtime and rotate overtime so that no single employee is burdened with excessive amounts of overtime work except where operational and skill requirements do not permit.
Vacation Hours. After one year of service employees will be eligible for vacation hours based on an employee’s average worked weekly hours over the past twelve months. These hours will be made available annually to the employee in the pay period following the anniversary of their hire date as a notice of available hours on their pay stub. The vacation hours will be granted according to the following schedule: Years Employed Vacation Hours Available
Vacation Hours. Eligible paid vacation hours shall be calculated to a maximum of seven hours per day.
Vacation Hours. In accordance with 13.01, this letter only applies to part-time employees. The parties agree that vacation hours are not considered to be, or to fall within the scope of, any of the following terms used in the collective agreement and will not be used for the purposes of computing eligibility for any of the benefits (including seniority and service accrual) under the collective agreement that are based upon any of the following calculations: • Hours worked; • Hours paid; • Hours worked and paid for by the Employer; • Hours not worked and paid for by the Employer; • Hours not worked and paid for under the Workplace Health and Insurance Act. Accordingly, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, it is agreed that vacation hours will not be counted for the purposes of computing eligibility for wage grid progression to the next higher wage rate under Articles 13.01 and 13.02 of the collective agreement. The parties agree that the interpretation above will govern the interpretation of the collective agreement. LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #5 Between XXXXXXX RETIREMENT LODGE INC. (RETIREMENT LODGE) (hereinafter referred to as "the Employer") And HEALTH CARE AND SERVICE UNION LOCAL 304 AFFILIATED WITH THE CHRISTIAN LABOUR ASSOCIATION OF CANADA (hereinafter referred to as "the Union")
Vacation Hours. Employees may request vacation hours be used to meet health and welfare eligibility provided the employee has enough scheduled hours in a month to meet eligibility requirements.