Temperature Sample Clauses

Temperature. The Committed Gas shall not have a temperature of less than forty degrees Fahrenheit (40°F) nor more than one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit (120°F).
Temperature. Milk will not be collected from Farmers who consistently exceed collection temperature requirements. Milk cooling systems must comply with the requirements of FDA’s Milk Quality Assurance program (Suppliers who fail to comply with quality assurance requirements may have their Farm Quality Assurance accreditation revoked (after being given suitable opportunity to correct the problem)). Milk temperature will be measured using a thermometer of the transport company at the time of collection. Although the State Regulatory Authority in Vic requires milk to be cooled to less than 5 degrees Celsius within 3 ½ hour from the commencement of milking for practical reasons FDA requires that you aim to have your milk collected at 4°C or less with a maximum control Limit: ≤5C within 2 hours of milking. Should your milk collection occur within 2 hours from the completion of milking then milk may be collected at temperatures above 5⁰C subject to compliance with the following temperature chart: Time after milking finished Time 0* Time 0 – 1 Hr Time 1 – 2 Hr Time >2 Hr 1st Milking 25°C 15°C 8°C 5°C 2nd- 4th Milking 15°C 10°C 6°C 5°C Discretion will be applied by FDA’s Field Services Representative with respect to the temperature of milk collected in the immediate hours following the completion of milking. Extraneous Matter This test is done on tankers initially and individual samples are only taken when there is a problem with the tanker. Farmers will be contacted regarding problems as they arise.
Temperature. Product shall not exceed a temperature of one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit (120° F).
Temperature. The temperature shall not exceed 38 degrees Celsius.
Temperature have a temperature of not less than forty degrees (40o) Fahrenheit and not more than one hundred twenty degrees (120o) Fahrenheit;
Temperature. The temperature of the Carbon Dioxide shall be determined by an on-line temperature measuring device so installed that it will sense the temperature of the Carbon Dioxide flowing through the meter.
Temperature. Humidity-means loss resulting from dampness, dryness, or changes in or extremes of temperature.
Temperature. TSA will make reasonable efforts to coordinate with worksite authorities to ensure that temperatures and humidity levels within TSA work areas do not impede the bargaining unit employeesperformance of their duties. Where temperatures in TSA work areas consistently fail to meet the OSHA-recommended limits for the type of work being performed as provided in TSA Management Directive 2400.1, Occupational Safety and Health Program, reasonable corrective measures will be taken to alleviate the problem, including but not limited to, working with the airport authority to alleviate the problem.
Temperature. 10.1.1 The transport carrier will maintain Air Temperature of container -22 0 C (-+ 2 0 C) and product at -18 0 C during transit.