Cable Television Sample Clauses

Cable Television. Phone. Internet. For each utility, the following information should be stated: Name of the person who holds the account. Amount of deposit, if applicable. Name of the person who paid the deposit, if applicable. How the cost of the utility will be shared among roommates. Name of the person responsible for paying the utility. Countless situations could cause conflict between roommates. While it is impossible to predict every negative situation that could arise, here are some examples of additional items to be considered on a room rental agreement: Smoking policy. Overnight guest policy. Noise level. Social gatherings. Parking for roommates and their guests. Distributing keys to people who don’t reside in the unit. Signatures The signatures of each roommate and the landlord of the property make the room rental agreement a legal contract. There should be a specific space for each roommate’s printed name, signature and the date signed. These spaces should also be available for the property landlord. Possible Roommate Conflicts Accepting a roommate can be a positive solution to save money, share in household chores and make friends in an unfamiliar area. Unfortunately, having a roommate can also bring many possible sources of conflict. The room rental agreement template provided identifies the most common issues between roommates. Other issues that may be addressed in the room rental agreement may include: Respect of sleep schedules. Borrowing personal items. Set boundaries to maintain privacy. Procedure to address minor issues between residents in peaceful and non- confrontational way. Inappropriate guest behavior. A Roommate’s Rights Although they may have signed a room rental agreement with the master tenant rather than a residential lease agreement with the property’s landlord, a roommate may still be entitled to certain rights of a tenant in the state of California. Depending on the local laws in effect, a roommate may be considered a co-tenant rather than a subtenant even if they have not signed a residential lease agreement. In this situation, the roommate is entitled to similar rights as a tenant who has a residential lease agreement with a landlord. These specific rights may include: The right to eviction proceedings in accordance with California law. The right to reasonable repairs and maintenance of their residence. The right to habitable living quarters. The right to live on the premises without physical or emotional harassment. The right to pay a fa...
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Cable Television. Cable Television charges, if any, are as set forth on page 1SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS”. If not currently provided, the right to do so and charge for, same under Civil Code section 798.32 (without reduction of rent or other charges) or section 798.41 is reserved.
Cable Television. Messiah Village shall provide each Residence with access to cable television connection(s) with basic cable service or to similar, alternative service providing for television signal. The cost of basic cable television service is included in the Monthly Service Fee.
Cable Television. 9-101. To be furnished under franchise.
Cable Television. ⮚ Apartments are provided with a cable hook up. Contact the local cable company Comcast if you wish to receive cable television service. Their phone number is 000.000.0000. The local contact is Xxxxxx Xxxx who can be reached at 413.207.5239.
Cable Television. SECTION 1. - The City will arrange with the company having the cable T.V. franchise to furnish all basic cable services to each Fire Station, without cost to the employees.
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Cable Television. Purchaser agrees that prior to and during the period in which a home or homes on the Property are being constructed, Purchaser shall permit Jxxxx Communications, a Colorado corporation, and its agents, employees and contractors, to lay CATV cable in the same trenches opened for the running of electric lines and, at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice, to enter the premises and pre-wire the premises for cable television service. The right of access granted hereby shall be for the benefit of, and exercisable by, Jxxxx Communications, Inc., or any successor or assignee thereto succeeding to the ownership or operation of its cable television system in St. Cxxxxxx.
Cable Television. Cable television may be available for an additional fee. For more information, Student should contact the Director of Housing and Residence Life. Student agrees to obtain College approval before securing such services, and to pay for all related expenses and charges associated with the installation, use and repair of these services.
Cable Television. Wi-Fi. Security Deposit/Liability In this section of the sublease, acceptable uses of the security deposit are explained. The sublease should address the following points: The amount of money required to cover the security deposit prior to occupancy by the sublessee. Conditions in which all or part of the security deposit will be withheld upon conclusion of the sublease. Estimated date that the unused portion of the security deposit and an itemized list of costs related to damages or repairs will be returned to the sublessee upon conclusion of the sublease. A liability clause stating that the unit and indoor/outdoor furnishings must not have more than a reasonable amount of wear and tear upon conclusion of the sublease in order to recover the security deposit. Whether a move-in checklist will be completed when the sublessee takes possession of the property. Additional Agreements In this section, the sublessor should detail any additional circumstances that are not covered by the standard sublease categories, provided that they are compliant with California law. Some examples of additional agreements may include: Guest policy. How to handle disputes. Smoking policy. Procedure for altering the sublease if the alteration is agreed upon mutually. The date and signature section of the sublease is critical to making it a legally binding document. This section should include: Date that sublease was signed. Sublessor’s printed name and signature. Printed name and signature of sublessor’s witness. Sublessee’s printed name and signature. Printed name and signature of sublessee’s witness. Statement of landlord’s consent to sublease, with their printed name and signature. Initial spaces for each party to indicate that the original lease has been provided with the sublease. California has strict laws regarding subleases. Tenants must have a thorough understanding of these laws prior to subleasing their unit in order to avoid preventable penalties. This section details sublease regulations that apply in the state of California. California law requires that tenants obtain written consent from their landlord prior to subletting their unit. Unlike other states, subletting in California is at the discretion of the landlord and is often addressed in the original lease. If the original lease states that subletting is not permitted, it is unlikely that the landlord will provide consent. If a tenant decides to ask for consent to sublease their unit, they should do so by certifi...
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