Social Gatherings Sample Clauses

Social Gatherings. It is prohibited to publicize/advertise social gatherings or parties to the campus community. The resident host must be in attendance at the social gathering. If a resident host determines that guests at the gathering are not in compliance with University policies, the resident host is responsible for contacting University staff for assistance.
Social Gatherings. Social gatherings that are deemed by the University to be unsafe, disruptive or in violation of University, Housing, or Residential Life policies are prohibited.
Social Gatherings. Social Gatherings are not permitted in the Cascades and Monashee residences without the submission and approval of an Event Request Form. See Appendix II for more information. To register a social gathering, obtain the Event Request Form (ERF) from the Senior Residence Advisor and complete and have it approved at least three business days (i.e. Monday to Friday) before the date of the social gathering. Social gatherings are permitted on week nights (Sunday through Thursday) until 9:30pm and on weekends (Friday and Saturday) until 12:30am. Social gatherings are not permitted during exam periods when extended quiet hours are in effect and are not permitted on the same night as other large residence-wide or campus events. Alcohol may not be sold, and floor/house/residence funds may not be used to subsidize or provide alcohol. Policies specific to hosting a social gathering are printed on the Event Request Form. Violation of these rules may result in standards action. Social gatherings are not permitted in Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Valhalla, Xxxxxx and Similkameen.
Social Gatherings. Social gatherings are an important part of university life and residents may gather together for social occasions. Resident’s must consider the aspect of noise, security, and abide by the rules for the use of communal spaces.
Social Gatherings. NOISE Invite your friends! You are welcome to host an event or party at your Property, but we ask that residents do let management know 5 days prior to your event date. It will be at the discretion of management to approve or decline your application.
Social Gatherings. 9.9 Occupiers hosting a social gathering in the common areas of the Student Residences must ensure that a minimum of 80% of the persons attending are Occupiers.
Social Gatherings. Only “Quiet Social Gatherings” are permitted at the Hillside Properties! It is not allowed to have social gatherings in the respective quad without the consent of all other roommates. If you disturb your roommate and a complaint is received, it will be addressed along with the advice of the medical school.
Social Gatherings. Gatherings (e.g. parties that violate License Agreement policies) that are deemed by Residential Life staff to be unsafe, disruptive, or in violation of University, Housing, or Residential Life policies may be required to disperse, and non‐ residents escorted out of the building.
Social Gatherings. Social Gatherings, are not permitted in residence without the written permission of the Residence Life Manager. Social Gatherings must be registered and conducted in accordance with the requirements of section 3.01(g). social gatherings are not permitted in Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Cassiar, Valhalla or Similkameen.
Social Gatherings. Friends and socializing are an important part of life on campus. In residence, as in life, it is important that your social agenda does not disrupt others. So, we have some basic rules about large social gatherings. First we consider it a large social gathering if 2 of the 3 following points are present: • there are seven or more people present. • alcohol is being consumed. • you are noisy enough to attract attention or distract others. If you are having a social gathering in your accommodation or anywhere else in or around your Residence, you are required to submit a Function Request Form a week before your event with a schedule of your availability in the coming week to meet with the Residence Life Manager. If you are not sure if your social gathering needs to be registered, consult with your Residence Advisor. Registered social gatherings must abide by the terms of the Function Responsibility Form. Unit or private social functions are not permitted on the same nights as other large campus events. Safety Equipment Refer to Section 3.28 Safety/Security/Fire Equipment. • Do not disturb or hang things from the fire safety sprinkler heads in your room, lounge, or corridors. If they are accidentally activated the resulting damage will be extensive and expensive for you. • Never cover or disconnect the smoke or heat detector in your room. If it malfunctions immediately call the Housing Office and the staff will advise you what to do. If a smoke or heat detector is found disconnected or disabled (without permission), all the residents of that room or unit will be at risk of standards action, and will be assessed for reconnection or repair. Damage to Walls