Telecommunications Services Sample Clauses

Telecommunications Services. The offering of telecommunications for a fee directly to the public, or to such classes of users as to be effectively available directly to the public, regardless of the facilities used.
Telecommunications Services. Tenant will contract directly with third party providers and will be solely responsible for paying for all telephone, data transmission, video and other telecommunication services (“Telecommunication Services”) subject to the following:
Telecommunications Services. Tenant may contract separately with providers of telecommunications or cellular products, systems or services for the Premises. Even though such products, systems or services may be installed or provided by such providers in the Building, in consideration for Landlord's permitting such providers to provide such services to Tenant, Tenant agrees that Landlord and the Landlord Indemnitees (defined below) shall in no event be liable to Tenant or any Tenant Party for any damages of any nature whatsoever arising out of or relating to the products, systems or services provided by such providers (or any failure, interruption, defect in or loss of the same) or any acts or omissions of such providers in connection with the same or any interference in Tenant's business caused thereby. Tenant waives and releases all rights and remedies against Landlord and the Landlord Indemnitees that are inconsistent with the foregoing.
Telecommunications Services. Landlord covenants and agrees to provide to Tenant the following telecommunication services and equipment at the Corporate Campus, including Building V:
Telecommunications Services. (These services do not cover the economic activity consisting of the provision of content which requires telecommunications services for its transport)
Telecommunications Services. All telephone and telecommunications services desired by Tenant shall be ordered and utilized by Tenant at its sole cost and expense. Tenant shall separately contract with a telephone or telecommunications provider (a “Provider”) to provide telephone and telecommunications services to the Premises. By its acceptance of possession of the Premises, Tenant is deemed to have agreed that the existing number and type of Lines serving the Premises is adequate for Tenant’s occupancy. As used herein, “Lines” shall mean communications and computer wires and cables which service the Premises (including electronic, fiber, phone and data cabling). In connection with Tenant’s rights hereunder, Tenant shall have the non-exclusive right, free of charge, to (i) use all Lines and related equipment in the Building; (ii) use all risers, chaseways, pathways, and spaces within the Building; and to (iii) install, maintain, repair, replace, or remove Lines all as necessary to connect Tenant’s telecommunications, data and cable networks/services to the telecommunications, data and cable networks/services found within the Building or to Tenant’s telecommunications, data and cable networks/services providers. If Tenant desires to utilize the services of a Provider whose equipment is not presently servicing the Building, such Provider must obtain the written consent of Landlord, which shall not be unreasonably withheld, before it will be permitted to install its Lines or other equipment within the Building and all such Lines shall be installed within the Building’s existing vertical and horizontal riser pathways as designated by Landlord. Landlord’s consent to the installation of Lines or equipment within the Building by any Provider shall be evidenced by a written agreement between Landlord and the Provider, which contains terms and conditions reasonably acceptable to Landlord. Landlord may engage a third party riser management company to manage access to and maintenance of the Building’s vertical and horizontal pathways and Lines in such pathways and Tenant shall cooperate with such third party riser management company. Any charges specifically allocated to Tenant’s use of, installation, maintenance and repair of Lines shall be for the account of and separately payable Tenant. Landlord makes no warranty or representation to Tenant as to the suitability, capability or financial strength of any Provider whose equipment is presently serving the Building, and Landlord’s consent to a Pr...
Telecommunications Services. Article 94
Telecommunications Services. (a) Subject to the Pre-existing Commitments set forth in Schedule 2.8(i) of this Agreement, in no event following the Closing Date will the Prodigy Service include any advertising or other promotion or product offering for a Telecommunications Service, Value Added Data Service, electronic yellow or white pages from any Person other than SBC or an Affiliate of SBC unless such action complies with the requirements of Section 4.2(b) and such exclusivity would materially disadvantage Operating Partnership (financially or competitively) as determined in accordance with Section 2.8(b). Following the Closing Date, SBC and its Affiliates shall not offer any Telecommunications Service, Value Added Data Service, electronic yellow or white pages to any other Retail ISP, which is comparable to Operating Partnership in terms of both product offerings and number of subscribers, on terms more favorable than those offered to Operating Partnership.
Telecommunications Services. Public local, domestic long distance and international services: (a) Voice telephone services (b) Telex services (c) Telegraph services (d) Facsimile services (a) As indicated in the horizontal section (b) Unbound for civil engineer Unbound, except as provided in the horizontal section Sector or Sub-sector Limitations on Market Access Limitations on National Treatment Additional Commitments
Telecommunications Services. Specific provisions on telecommunications services are set out in Annex IX.