LOCAL GOVERNMENT. RESPONSIBILITIES AS A RUNOFF MAN- AGEMENT GRANTEE AND COST−SHARE PROVIDER. The department shall require the governmental unit to do all of the following as conditions of receiving a runoff management grant when the gov- ernmental unit will use the grant funds to provide cost sharing to landowners and land operators.
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LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Local Government Authority includes, but is not limited to: i. A political subdivision of a State,
LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Any municipality that exercises regulatory authority over and grants development permits for land development or which provides public facilities.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT l. This sphere includes, inter alia, formulation and implementation of Local Government policies, appointment of Local Government officials, approval of Local Government budgets, tenders, acquisitions, fees and tariffs, alteration of Local Government boundaries, creation and dissolution of Local Government, Local Government election processes, Local Government inspections and the creation of joint service councils, city councils, in their capacity as local planning committees, and the operation and maintenance of the municipal water and electricity distribution systems and pricing of these services. The term "Local Government" in this Article includes municipal councils, village councils and all other communities which lack municipal status.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Responsibilities will include:
LOCAL GOVERNMENT. The LOCAL GOVERNMENT also agrees and binds itself in accordance with Title 40 of the Georgia Code, that it will not pass any laws, rules, regulations or ordinances which penalize, hinder or otherwise obstruct the free movement of vehicular traffic on said roadway, including angle parking, nor erect any traffic signals, towers, lights on said right of way without written consent of the DEPARTMENT.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Opportunities for local government to provide review and input on management planning are provided. Letters requesting review and input on forest planning initiatives, such as the Management Plan and Forest Stewardship Plan, are sent to The Regional District of Xxxxxxx Nechako and an information package will be provided if requested. Consulting with the Village of Xxxxx Lake for Management Planning will be revised and the Village will receive a letter requesting review and input on the Management Plan, Forest Stewardship Plan, and Annual Report. Additional information will be provided if requested. Annual meetings will be held with the Village Council and an update will be provided on the performance of the BLCF in respect to the objectives outlined in the Management Plan at the Comfor Management Services Ltd. Annual General Meeting.
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LOCAL GOVERNMENT. AND STATE AGENCY RESPONSIBILITIES AS A COST−SHARE RECIPIENT. The department shall require the gov- ernmental unit or state agency to do all of the following as condi- tions of receiving a runoff management grant to perform work on lands the grant recipient owns or operates.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT. (CONTRACTS) ACT 1997 The certificate in respect of this Agreement to be provided by the Councils (not being the Lead Council) in respect of their powers to enter into this Agreement and support the Lead Council model whereby the Lead Council enters into the Project Agreement with the Contractor and accepts a contingent liability for the Relevant Discharge Terms (as defined in the Project Agreement) on behalf of itself assuming the other Councils are committed to underwriting their proportion of any compensation payable under the Relevant Discharge Terms pursuant to section 3 of the Local Government (Contracts) Act 1997 shall be provided by the Councils (not being the Lead Council) to the Lead Council on or before the date of this Agreement.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT. 1. The provinces shall be administered by civilian governors appointed by the President of the Republic and confirmed by the Senate.
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