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The Service Provider will. The Service Provider hereby agrees to perform technology services requested by said Village as follows: The Service Provider will be expected to assist with IT related functions that are to include: Client Management, Server Management, Network Maintenance, On□call support, Cyber Security, Vendor Management and Network Architecture and Design. Service Provider shall provide on-call personnel to respond to daily network and user needs, in addition to monitoring and patching. The Service Provider will be expected to assist in a “coordinator” role on various issues within the scope of essential duties and responsibilities. Examples of the “coordinator role” include the following: • Reporting to the Village on the status of the Village’s IT network. • Working with Department Heads/designees to help them implement IT related activities within their office. • Serving as the de facto Director of IT for the Village. Service Provider will provide a minimum of 8 hours of IT service to the Village per week. These 8 hours shall be primarily conducted physically at Village facilities however, incidental offsite and remote support will be permitted for performing after hours system upgrades.
The Service Provider will. 1. Provide to new tenants an explanation of tenant rights and responsibilities, including payment responsibilities.
The Service Provider will. (a) keep strictly confidential any Confidential Information of the City of which the Service Provider (including the Service Provider's individual partners, employees, contractors, and agents) obtains knowledge or to which it has access; and
The Service Provider will.  Supply NRT pharmacotherapy provision (see product list on PharmOutcomes platform) to clients meeting the eligibility criteria, aged 16 or over, resident or working in North Lincolnshire (or who are otherwise accepted on a smoking cessation programme by North Lincolnshire Healthy Lifestyle Service) area who present with an eVoucher issued by North Lincolnshire’s SSS PharmOutcomes platform. These eVouchers then require validating through the service providers PharmOutcomes system.  The Provider will provide NRT (and advice if necessary) to clients presenting an eVoucher from the SSS issued via PharmOutcomes.  This enhanced service provided by the Provider reflects that provided by NL SSS and is to be provided in addition to the Essential Service ‘Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles (Public Health)’ (ES4).  The Provider will confirm the eligibility of the person to access the service.  The provider will verify the clients NHS prescription status and take a fee equivalent to an NHS prescription charge for each NRT voucher redeemed as appropriate, recording this on PharmOutcomes. Only clients falling into the national prescription exemption categories are deemed to be exempt from charges. Local guidance states that clients with co-morbidities are NOT exempt unless they also fall into one or more of the national exemption categories. The co-morbidities so affected include: o Bipolar affective disorder o Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) o Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) o Current/history of angina (chest pain), heart attack, heart failure o Hypertension o Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) o Schizophrenia o Stroke or TIA  Supply of NRT may be recorded by the pharmacy on the client’s pharmacy medication record detailing product used, strength, quantity etc. should the provider feel it necessary. Consideration should be given to communicating this information to the client’s GP where clinically appropriate.  NL SSS will be responsible for commissioning the promotion of the service locally, including the development of publicity materials, which pharmacies can use to promote the service to the public.  SSS will inform the NRT Provider if the Service User withdraws use of NRT at any stage of counselling to prevent further supplies.  NL SSS will provide details of relevant referral points which Provider staff can use to signpost clients who require further assistance from the NL Healthy Lifestyle Stop Smoking Service. This may include specialist groups suc...
The Service Provider will. 1. Determine customer eligibility.
The Service Provider will. Identify with a Certified Andover Controls Company with 5 years experience which valves are not working properly and map on print. Write a MOP (Method of Procedure) (replacement) for the process of valve replacement. Isolate each valve and drain the water in preparation of replacement. Replace up to 75 hot water valves with Belimo actuators of same voltage and re-commission with existing Andover control system one at a time. Re-insulate valves after replacement. Clean strainers if existing.

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  • The Service Provider upon receipt of a notice contemplated under clause 19.1 shall discontinue the supply of all services or goods under this Agreement, to the extent specified, and on the date specified in the notice.

  • Service Provider The Service Provider also represents at the date this Agreement is entered into and any Service is used or provided:

  • SERVICE PROVIDER’S PERSONNEL 10.1 The Service Provider’s Personnel shall be regarded at all times as employees, agents or Subcontractors of the Service Provider and no relationship of employer and employee shall arise between Transnet and any Service Provider Personnel under any circumstances regardless of the degree of supervision that may be exercised over the Personnel by Transnet.

  • Service Provided a. CONTRACTOR must inform COUNTY of services and activities performed under this Contract and accept appropriately referred clients from the COUNTY for contract services as part of CONTRACTOR’s client base.

  • Service Providers We are offering you the Service through one or more Service Providers that we have engaged to render some or all of the Service to you on our behalf. However, notwithstanding that we have engaged such a Service Provider to render some or all of the Service to you, we are the sole party liable to you for any payments or transfers conducted using the Service and we are solely responsible to you and any third party to the extent any liability attaches in connection with the Service. You agree that we have the right under this Agreement to delegate to Service Providers all of the rights and performance obligations that we have under this Agreement, and that the Service Providers will be third party beneficiaries of this Agreement and will be entitled to all the rights and protections that this Agreement provides to us. Service Provider and certain other capitalized terms are defined in a "Definitions" Section at the end of the General Terms. Other defined terms are also present at the end of each set of Terms that follow after the General Terms, as applicable.

  • Third Party Service Providers Unless otherwise prohibited by Apple in the Documentation or this Agreement, You are permitted to employ or retain a third party (“Service Provider”) to assist You in using the Apple Software and Services provided pursuant to this Agreement, including, but not limited to, engaging any such Service Provider to maintain and administer Your Applications’ servers on Your behalf, provided that any such Service Provider’s use of the Apple Software and Services or any materials associated therewith is done solely on Your behalf and only in accordance with these terms. Notwithstanding the foregoing, You may not use a Service Provider to submit an Application to the App Store or use TestFlight on Your behalf. You agree to have a binding written agreement with Your Service Provider with terms at least as restrictive and protective of Apple as those set forth herein. Any actions undertaken by any such Service Provider in relation to Your Applications or use of the Apple Software or Apple Services and/or arising out of this Agreement shall be deemed to have been taken by You, and You (in addition to the Service Provider) shall be responsible to Apple for all such actions (or any inactions). In the event of any actions or inactions by the Service Provider that would constitute a violation of this Agreement or otherwise cause any harm, Apple reserves the right to require You to cease using such Service Provider.

  • Service Provider Obligations (a) The Service Provider shall obtain copies of the IPC Standards described in Section 1.1(a) of this Schedule from time to time during the Term from the Minister’s website at xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxx.xx/infection-prevention-and- control.aspx

  • Independent Service Provider The services to be performed by Service Provider are those of an independent service provider and not of an employee of the City of Fort Xxxxxxx. The City shall not be responsible for withholding any portion of Service Provider's compensation hereunder for the payment of FICA, Workmen's Compensation or other taxes or benefits or for any other purpose.

  • Reliance on Third Party Service Providers Each Party may allow Reporting Financial Institutions to use third party service providers to fulfill the obligations imposed on such Reporting Financial Institutions by a Party, as contemplated in this Agreement, but these obligations shall remain the responsibility of the Reporting Financial Institutions.

  • Contracts With Service Providers 13 Section 1.