Facilities and Services Sample Clauses

Facilities and Services. The Union is permitted use of the University mail and email services for notifying members of Union meetings and for communicating with members on official business matters of the Union. The Union is permitted access to electronic services (excluding use of off-campus lines), and to other facilities and services of the University such as fax, duplicating, audio-visual and meeting rooms provided such use does not interfere with the regular operations of the University. The Union will pay the University the customary charges for the use of facilities and services, if any. Differences in facility value and service and rental rates will be made known. The University will provide an office for the Union, furnished with desks, chairs, bookcases and services commensurate with those of faculty generally. The Union will pay the University monthly in advance at the standard rate for such space as calculated on July 1 of each year.
Facilities and Services. TAlthough the nature of this long term Project prevents the Property Owner from now providing exact completion dates, the Property Owner certifies that the following services and Facilities will be in place (or if not fully in place, the cost of their construction fully bonded or letter of credit posted pursuant to the Town Subdivision Regulations) at the times provided below and as to roads, sewer, and water infrastructure, at the times Lots or Dwelling Units in subdivided real property or condominium units on recorded master deeds are offered for purchase to the public. Subject to compliance with applicable Laws with all provisions of this Agreement, the Town hereby authorizes the Property Owner, on its own or through its affiliated companies, to install the Facilities. Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, the Property Owner hereby agrees that adequate Facilities (as defined in the definition of “Facilities” in Exhibit 1.1 ) shall be available concurrent with the impacts of Development. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to create an obligation for the Town to construct Facilities or on Property Owner to pave the currently unpaved sections of Xxxxxxx Avenue.
Facilities and Services. The University shall provide each GE with access to facilities and services conducive to carrying out their assignment (i.e., teaching, research, or administration) in a professional atmosphere, including reasonable office or desk space; reasonably secure storage space for books, papers, and supplies; and reasonable access to a computer. Upon notification and request by a GE, a department will provide reasonable access to a telephone, except for jobs that include work tasks requiring use of a phone. For GE with tasks requiring a phone (e.g. conducting phone interviews, calling conference participants, etc.), phones will be automatically provided, unless there is mutual agreement between the GE and the employing unit not to. GEs whose assignments involve use of specific software shall be provided with access to the software. Each GE shall also have reasonable access to private facilities for conferring with students and faculty and for other job related purposes. GEs shall be provided desk copies of, or electronic access to, all texts required for their assignment. GEs have the same responsibility as other academic and administrative employees to maintain a safe, healthy, clean work environment. This responsibility may not conflict with or exceed GE work assignment/workload (see ARTICLE 10). Departments shall develop policies and procedures regarding condition of workspace and access to private meeting space, telephones, computers, internet access, office supplies, photocopies, printouts and all other materials required for the GE’s work assignments. These policies and procedures shall be documented and made available to GEs by incorporating them into departmental GE manuals or graduate student handbooks, by posting the information online, or by creating a document specifically for that purpose. Listed below are practices and standards designed to ensure a safe and appropriate working environment and to serve as reference for specific departmental policies and practices. Departmental policies and procedures shall address at least the categories listed below. Standard working hours for the purpose of this article are defined as Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Facilities and Services. Although the nature of this long-term project prevents the Developer from providing exact completion dates, the general phases of Development are set forth in Section 14 and described in Exhibit C. The Developer certifies that the services and Facilities will be in place (or if not fully in place, the cost of construction fully bonded or letter of credit posted pursuant to the Current Regulations) at the times provided herein. The Developer shall comply with applicable Laws and all provisions of this Agreement, and obtain prior approval of construction plans by the County and other applicable governmental entities before installing the Facilities. Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, the Developer hereby assures the County that adequate Facilities shall be available concurrent with the phases of Development.
Facilities and Services. (a) Subject to the terms of this Agreement, including, but not limited to Section 3.1, Xxxxx Bros. shall provide, or shall cause a Xxxxx Bros. subsidiary to provide, to Taberna or a Taberna subsidiary the Facilities and Services during the Term.
Facilities and Services. The College shall:
Facilities and Services. To assist the Contractor and his Team assigned to the Project Area in connexion with the performance of the work hereunder, UNIDO shall provide, or cause the Government to provide, at no cost to the Contractor, the following facilities and services as UNIDO may determine to be necessary for the execution of the Project: such office space, essential office furniture and equipment and local transportation for official purposes as may be available to UNIDO and as normally provided to UNIDO's own experts in the Project Area.