Other Projects Sample Clauses

Other Projects. Said drawings, specifications, documents and materials relating to the Project prepared by or in the possession of the FIRM may be used by the TOWN on any other project without additional compensation to the FIRM. The use of the documents by the TOWN or by any person or entity for any purpose other than the Project as set forth in this Agreement shall be at the full risk of the TOWN or such person or entity.
Other Projects. This Agreement shall not prevent RPC from entering into similar agreements with third parties, or from independently developing, using, selling or licensing materials, products or services which are similar to those provided hereunder.
Other Projects. 7.01 When the employer is not busy in the residential high-rise industry, the Craft Schedule “P” crew members may work on Commercial projects under the terms of Craft Schedule “B” – Lather, Interior Systems Mechanics (ISM).
Other Projects. HIP LP hereby covenants that it shall pay all of the costs (a) as and when directed by HTGP GP, attributable to any of the Other Projects of HTGP LLC set forth on Exhibit A; (b) as and when directed by Gathering GP, that are attributable to any of the Other Projects of Gathering LLC set forth on Exhibit A; and (c) as and when directed by Logistics GP, that are attributable to any of the Other Projects of Logistics LLC set forth on Exhibit A;. HIP LP agrees that all such costs shall be its sole obligation and that it shall not, to the fullest extent permitted by law, be entitled to any recovery or reimbursement for such costs; provided, however, that HIP LP shall not be obligated to pay any amounts attributable to any Other Projects: (x) to the extent the total amounts paid by HTGP LLC, Gathering LLC or Logistics LLC, collectively, pursuant to this Section 5.2 would equal or exceed $20.0 million or (y) that are incurred by HTGP LLC, Logistics LLC or Gathering LLC following the second anniversary of the Closing Date.
Other Projects. D. New Faculty New tenure-track faculty will receive a total of four (4) contact hours of release time during their first academic year to participate in College-sponsored professional development activities, and to become acclimated to Columbus State and new course preparations. The Chairperson will include these release hours in the new tenure-track faculty member’s workload report.
Other Projects. Covanta is not authorized hereunder to develop a project using the Technology for a feedstock that is not included in the definition of Feedstock in Territory A or Territory B or in a location (regardless of feedstock) outside of Territory A or Territory B. If Covanta wants to develop any such project, Covanta shall first be required to contact Licensor for its prior approval. Licensor shall determine whether the proposed project would violate any rights that have been granted by Licensor to any Person and, if not, whether Licensor is willing to agree to have Covanta pursue such project, any such approval to be provided in writing. Notwithstanding anything which is contained herein to the contrary, Covanta shall have the right to purchase up to ten (10) KDV 500s to install at any of Covanta’s waste to energy facilities.
Other Projects. In addition to Contractor’s right to withhold any payments due the Subcontractor on the Project, Contractor shall also be entitled to withhold any payments due the Subcontractor on any other project it is performing with Contractor, notwithstanding any contrary terms of Contractor and Subcontractor’s agreements on such other projects. Such setoffs against amounts owed to Subcontractor on other projects shall be authorized to the full amount permitted by the Agreement as if the amounts owed to Subcontractor on such other projects were owed on this Project. Additionally, to the extent that Subcontractor’s performance on any other project would entitle Contractor to withhold any payments due the Subcontractor if the Partiescontracts on such other projects were governed by the Agreement, Contractor shall be permitted to withhold from any payments to Subcontractor on this Project the full corresponding amount that Contractor would be entitled to withhold if the conditions giving rise to such setoff had occurred on this Project. Such setoffs and withholding of amounts due to Subcontractor shall continue at all times pending corrective action in amounts sufficient to cover the corresponding actual or potential losses and compel performance to the extent required by and to the satisfaction of the Contractor. In the event of any conflict between the terms of the Agreement and any other agreements between Contractor and Subcontractor on any other projects, the terms of the Agreement shall control.
Other Projects. BioLine represents that it has no current projects in the fields of stem cell mobilization, non-Xxxxxxxx lymphomas, and/or acute myeloid leukemia. Until the earlier of (i) the completion of the Development Plan, or (ii) the grant of a Sublicense hereunder, BioLine shall not acquire or continue developing any projects in the fields of non-Xxxxxxxx lymphomas and/or acute myeloid leukemia, except that BioLine may acquire and continue developing any such projects until the commencement of Phase II Clinical Trials for such projects (or any earlier stage). A breach of this Section 5.8 shall be deemed a material breach of this Agreement which shall entitle Licensor to terminate this Agreement pursuant to Section