Architecture Sample Clauses

Architecture. The minimum professional qualifications in architecture are a professional degree in architecture plus at least two years of full-time experience in architecture; or State license to practice architecture. Historic Architecture The minimum professional qualifications historic in architecture are a professional degree in architecture or a State license to practice architecture, plus one of the following:
Architecture. Building techniques and architectural forms can reflect ethnic identity, stylistic concerns, economic status, and the relative availability of local and imported construction materials. Intact structures dating from the era of earliest Euro-American settlement are comparatively scarce, as many buildings have been abandoned, dismantled, or otherwise destroyed and/or replaced by more recent construction. Early structures are generally poorly documented and specific details regarding their construction are not available. Intact subsurface remains provide information on dwelling size and shape and details of cellar and footing construction. The distribution of hardware, wood, glass, and other structural items within and around the foundation fill offers clues to the appearance of the superstructure. Exposure and detailed mapping of complete foundations is necessary to document the size, orientation, and shape of the dwelling. The construction materials employed need to be identified along with their likely places of origin. Measured plan views, profiles, and photographs of structural features will provide details on construction techniques. Horizontal and vertical provenience data on other structural remains will aid in the interpretation of aspects of the building superstructure.
Architecture. RFA shall build the apartment buildings with architecture substantially similar to the architecture elevations attached as Exhibit “1.” RFA shall provide for screening of the parking under the buildings along (i) that side of the apartment building closest to the BH Property and (ii) apartment building facades visible from the River Trail substantially similar to the Elevations attached as Exhibit “1”. RFA shall be required to demonstrate compliance with the specific architectural design standards of Code § 155- 90.1.D(4)(a)-(f) during the PLDRP. It is understood and agreed that Hardi Board fiber cement board or other type of fiber cement board shall be permitted on the exterior of the proposed buildings.
Architecture. The minimum GPA needed for admission into Architecture is a 2.5 in 24 transferable credits. Architecture is a competitive and selective major, so meeting the minimum does not guarantee admission into the program.
Architecture. Architecture services include, but are not limited to, providing the building program outline, alternative building design concepts, specific building design (e.g. site plan, floor plan, roof plan, HVAC plan, sections, details, etc.), and project specifications and cost estimates.
Architecture. 3. Cloud services are subjected to load fluctuations and SLA violations are more likely to happen during these transitions. The nature of these fluctuations are unpredictable and hence a static schedule for evaluating conditions may not suffice. We suggest that SLAs in the cloud context use a dynamic schedule for condition evaluations. We present our proposed architecture in figure 2. In this architecture, we have assumed that the cloud provider and the cloud consumer already partici- pated in the negotiation process and have an agreed set of service parameters,
Architecture. 1 Construction plan 1~281-Polypid - PD-0009-1-50.pdf 25.5.17 11.7.17 13.7.17 Approved in principle Matches the background of marketing chart approved on 12.7.17. Final update is possible during execution in light of mistakes in planning in the area of offices.