Design Services definition

Design Services means architect services, engineer services or landscape architect services.
Design Services means the complete architectural design and engineering for the Trade Contractor Work, and includes all labor, materials, equipment and services to be provided by the Trade Contractor to fulfill its obligations under the Trade Contract Agreement. The Design Services shall include all of the labor, materials, equipment and services to be provided by the Subconsultants of any tier employed directly or indirectly by the Trade Contractor, and shall include all necessary and appropriate coordination and integration of the Consultant’s Services to allow the Trade Contractor to complete the Trade Contractor Work in accordance with the Design Documents. The Design Services shall be performed in strict accordance with all provisions of the Act.

Examples of Design Services in a sentence

  • All Final Design Services shall be paid for in a Single Lump Sum.

  • The Project consists of the A&E Design Services specifically for Construction Contract Administration and Site Adaptation of single or multiple family housing units comprised of two bedroom or three bedroom units as required.The basic design for each unit is provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Facility Management & Construction and specifically titled “Proto Type Design”.

  • Owner has requested the performance of the services described below which Design/Build Contractor deems to be Additional Pre-Construction Services (other than Additional Design Services).

  • If Design/Build Contractor is performing the Design Services, then the professional liability insurance shall be in Design/Build Contractor’s name and shall include a Design/Build endorsement in form acceptable to Owner.

  • The District may at its own discretion, retain the services of Architectural Design Services and Specifications for a firm to perform either all or part of these services.

More Definitions of Design Services

Design Services means the professional services for design and construction administration performed by the Designer, or consultants coordinated by the Designer, under the terms of the Contract;
Design Services means architect services, engineer services or
Design Services means that portion of the Work to be performed during the Design Phase.
Design Services means all tasks necessary to design and specify the Works as required by this Agreement, including the preparation of such drawings, specifications and other information required for the construction of the Works;
Design Services means any and all architectural, engineering and design services required to be performed by Design/Builder pursuant to the Contract and all labor, materials, supervision, equipment, computers, documents, and all other things necessary for the performance of such services. “Design Scope Specification” means the document prepared by Owner dated which specifies the general scope of the Design Services to be performed by Design/Builder under the Contract. A copy of the Design Scope Specification is attached hereto as Exhibit and is incorporated into this Contract by reference. The Design Services shall be performed within the time provided by the Design Schedule for the performance of Design/Builder's Design Services as provided in Paragraph 3(H) of this Contract.