the Building definition

the Building means any building of which the Property forms part.
the Building means, where applicable, the larger building or tenement of which the Property forms part.
the Building means the building known as (name of building) situated on the Property, and includes, where the context so allows, all permanent improvements on the Property;

Examples of the Building in a sentence

  • There may be a mid-roof inspection required, please consult the Building Department when you receive your permit.

  • Plans submitted with the Building Licence to show detailed design of the proposed ground level car park shutter doors to the satisfaction of the Manager Development Services.

  • The total cost for the program will be: 8 certificated staff x $4,800 x 8 elementary schools = $38, 400.00 and $3,000.00 for the Building Substitute for a total cost not to exceed $41, 400.00 payable from Account numbers 20-ARE-100-100- 00-30 and 20-ARE-200- 100-00-30.

  • Alterations that are undertaken solely to bring an existing building into compliance with the Building Code are not counted towards the 50% measurement.

  • Plans submitted with the Building Licence to include a total of 128 onsite car parking bays designed to the satisfaction of the City Engineer or provision of cash in lieu for the current shortfall in car parking of 34 bays to the satisfaction of the Manger Development Services.

More Definitions of the Building

the Building or “Buildings” means any building or erection erected on the Charged Premises whether or not permanently attached thereto and includes all fixtures and fittings and any chattels owned by the Chargor and used in or about the Charged Premises.
the Building means the premises more particularly described in the First Schedule Part 2.
the Building means the building of which the premises forms a part.
the Building means the building [insert address and description of the building concerned] together with any bridge, tunnel or water, sewerage, gas, electricity or other major service media connected thereto in which the Owner has a legal estate or legal interest;
the Building. The building is located at 2600 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona.
the Building means any unit(s) to be erected on the Site in accordance with the Approved Plans
the Building means the entire interior and exterior of the specific property containing the Premises as described above in 1.4.