the Building definition

the Building means any building of which the Property forms part.
the Building means, where applicable, the larger building or tenement of which the Property forms part.
the Building means the building known as (name of building) situated on the Property, and includes, where the context so allows, all permanent improvements on the Property;

Examples of the Building in a sentence

  • As of the year 2000, these codes are published jointly by the Southern Building Code Congress International, the International Code Council, the Building Officials and Code Administrators, International, and the International Conference of Building Officials, and are commonly referred to as the International Building Codes.

  • The Owner may provide as a part of its testing services the Building Commissioning services involving the project’s HVAC and exhaust systems, temperature control systems, fire detection and alarm systems, emergency power and lighting system, fire suppression system, security locks and security locking control systems, food service equipment (if applicable), and laundry equipment (if applicable).

  • Review team members in attendance included: the Development Services Department Current Planning Division Assistant Director, the Board of Adjustment Chief Planner, the Building Inspection Chief Planner, the Board Administrator, the Development Services Senior Engineer, the Building Inspection Development Code Specialist, the Board of Adjustment Senior Planner; and the Assistant City Attorney to the Board.

  • Further the Allottee shall not store any hazardous or combustible goods in the [Apartment/Plot] or place any heavy material in the common passages or staircase of the Building.

  • In the event the Employee desires that his/her Union representative be present during this discussion, the Employee shall make his/her request through the Building Supervisor and the Building Supervisor shall send for the Union representative.

More Definitions of the Building

the Building or “Buildings” means any building or erection erected on the Charged Premises whether or not permanently attached thereto and includes all fixtures and fittings and any chattels owned by the Chargor and used in or about the Charged Premises.
the Building means the premises more particularly described in the First Schedule Part 2.
the Building means the building of which the premises forms a part.
the Building means the building [insert address and description of the building concerned] together with any bridge, tunnel or water, sewerage, gas, electricity or other major service media connected thereto in which the Owner has a legal estate or legal interest;
the Building means any unit(s) to be erected on the Site in accordance with the Approved Plans
the Building means any building of which the dwelling forms part.
the Building means the building specified in the Contract being a building owned by the HTC and ‘the Hired Premises’ means that part or parts of the Building specified in the Contract as the subject of the hiring.