Cost Estimates Sample Clauses

Cost Estimates. Client and Engineer acknowledge that Engineer has no control over cost of labor, materials, equipment of services furnished by others, over contractorsmethods of determining prices, or other competitive bidding or market conditions and that Engineer’s estimates of Project construction cost will be made on the basis of its employeesexperience and qualifications and will represent Engineer’s employees’ best judgment as experienced and qualified professionals, familiar with the construction industry. Engineer does not guarantee that proposal, bids, or actual construction cost will not vary from its estimates of Project cost and Client acknowledges the same.
Cost Estimates. Upon request of any Consenting Party, Operator shall furnish estimates of current and cumulative costs incurred for the joint account at reasonable intervals during the conduct of any operation pursuant to this Agreement. Operator shall not be held liable for errors in such estimates so long as the estimates are made in good faith.
Cost Estimates. T ransmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities and Ring Bus SUF Cost Estimate* Xxxx Substation Description Installation Cost Primary Substation Equipment $3,250,000 Protective relays, controls, RTU and SCADA $960,000 Revenue Meters $195,000 Control Buildings $195,000 230 kV Line Tap $540,000 Cable Trenches and Conduits $620,000 Site work $600,000 Foundations $640,000 Structural Steel $450,000 Lighting, Security $220,000 Spare Parts $280,000 Microwave Communication Attachment $160,000 Sequence of Events Recorder $140,000 Digital Fault Recorder $80,000 Demolition and protective rework $220,000 Land Acquisition $80,000 Access Roads, Survey & Site Clearing $200,000 Licensing and Permitting $120,000 Engineering $480,000 Construction Management $360,000 Noble Development Cost $133,000 Testing and Commissioning $230,000 Other Equipment Cost (15% of install man-hours) $26,000 Other Engineering, QA/QC, Project Mgt. $525,000 Subtotal $10,704,000 Contingency 20% $2,140,800 Other Indirects 15% $157,680 Total Transmission Owner Attachment Facilities and Ring Bus SUF Cost $13,002,480 * Note that this cost estimate includes the cost estimate for the Xxxx Substation Ring Bus System Upgrade Facilities described in Section II.C. of this Appendix A. The cost of the Xxxx Substation ring bus System Upgrade Facilities will be shared between the Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx and the Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx projects.
Cost Estimates. 5.1 The repair costs stated in cost estimates are guidelines estimated on the basis of the information you provide and following the examination of the instrument. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the figures contained. If while repairing the instrument it becomes clear that more extensive repair work is necessary, we are authorized to complete the work without seeking confirmation from you, provided this does not cause the overall repair costs to exceed the estimated price by more than 15%. Otherwise we will inform you that we expect the cost estimate to be exceeded and will present a new estimate to you.
Cost Estimates. To Pacific's best knowledge, no environmental matter set forth in the Pacific SEC Reports or the Pacific Disclosure Schedule could reasonably be expected to exceed the cost estimates provided in the Pacific SEC Reports by an amount that individually or in the aggregate could reasonably be expected to have a Pacific Material Adverse Effect.
Cost Estimates. Construction Manager shall deliver and meet with Owner Parties to discuss detailed estimates of the Contract Sum, and updates to those detailed estimates, in accordance with this Agreement and on the dates set forth in the Project Schedule. Construction Manager’s cost estimates shall use recognized and accepted industry techniques. In the event Construction Manager’s cost estimate exceeds its applicable Target GMP, Construction Manager shall meet with Owner Parties to discuss changes and review alternatives necessary to establish a mutually acceptable GMP. Upon request, Construction Manager shall estimate the costs of alternative designs or Materials to determine preliminary budgets and their possible economies, including those necessitated by special procurement issues, as set forth in Section 5.3.2 above.