Professional Qualifications Sample Clauses

Professional Qualifications. It shall be a condition of continued professional employment that employees must apply for enrolment in their appropriate professional licensing body by the thirtieth day of continuous service.
Professional Qualifications. The District Superintendent covenants that he possesses all of the qualifications that are required by law to serve as the District Superintendent in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and that he will maintain the same throughout the Term of this Contract. The District Superintendent further agrees to subscribe to and take the oath of office before entering upon his duties, in accordance with Section 1004 of the Public School Code.
Professional Qualifications. The Provider will be responsible for the staff affiliated with this subcontract, ensuring that they have the education, any professional licensure or certification which may be required by law, and experience necessary to successfully carry out their duties.
Professional Qualifications. (a) All of Network Provider’s owners, operators, employees, agents, independent contractors and volunteers must meet all applicable federal, state, and/or local licensing, training and/or certification requirements as established in 42 U.S.C. Section 671(a)(20)(B)(i)-(iii), Sections 402.40, 402.731, and 409.145(2)(e), Florida Statutes, Chapters 65C-14 and/or 65C-15, F.A.C., and satisfy the Level 2 background screening requirements established in Section 435.04, Florida Statutes. Network Provider shall be responsible for ensuring that the Level 2 background screening is completed for each owner, operator, employee, agent, independent contractor and volunteer. The screening process shall include federal and state background checks through the LiveScan equipment and screening process as well as annual county and annual local municipality background checks, initiated by Network Provider. Additionally, certain persons may be disqualified from employment or volunteering with Network Provider as provided in subsections (i) and (ii).
Professional Qualifications. 29.1: The Township and the Union agree that it is in the public interest for the police officers to maintain and improve their professional qualifications. To promote this objective, it is agreed that the Township may, in its sole discretion, select any training program, session or meeting which it finds suitable. When so directed by the Township, employees shall participate in all training programs, sessions or meetings selected by the Township.
Professional Qualifications. A. All new teachers including substitutes employed by the Board for any regular teaching assignment shall have a bachelor's degree from a NCATE accredited college or university, a provisional, permanent, continuing or professional education certificate, supervised student teaching experience with a certified teacher or teachers in a K-12 school district and shall be deemedhighly qualified” under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) criteria for the position for which they are hired.
Professional Qualifications. 5-2-1 We, the Lyon County Education Association do firmly believe in the upgrading of our profession. Therefore, the Lyon County School Board and the Lyon County Administration agree not to employ any non-degree person in a licensed position unless exceptional circumstances should prevail.