Additions and Improvements Sample Clauses

Additions and Improvements. No substantial portion of any improvement on the subject property shall be demolished or removed by LESSEE without the prior written consent of COUNTY. If necessary or appropriate, the LESSEE may at any time during the lease term, subject to the conditions set forth below and at its own expense, make alterations, additions, or improvements in and to the subject property and the buildings. Alterations shall be performed in a workmanlike manner and shall not weaken or impair the structural strength, or lessen the value, of any improvements on the premises. Conditions with respect to alterations, additions, or improvements are as follows: Before the commencement of any work with an estimated cost of $5000.00 or more, all plans and specifications shall be submitted to the COUNTY for written approval by the Director of the COUNTY'S Facilities and Solid Waste Department. The LESSEE shall also obtain separate and independent approval from all governmental departments or authorities having regulatory authority over that construction and any public utility company having an interest therein. All work shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of all applicable regulations. For construction with an estimated cost of $5000.00 or more, the LESSEE shall obtain both a payment bond and a performance bond in the full amount of the contract prior to the commencement of construction work on the subject property. These bonds shall be in the form required for public building construction by the provisions of Chapter 2, Title 34 of the Arizona revised Statutes. All alterations, additions, and improvements on or in the subject property at the commencement of the term, and that may be erected or installed during the term, shall become part of the subject property and the sole property of COUNTY, except that all moveable trade fixtures installed by LESSEE shall be and remain the property of LESSEE.
Additions and Improvements. Lessee accepts Premises in an “as is” condition. Notwithstanding any provision in this lease to the contrary, Lessee acknowledges and agrees that Lessor shall not be responsible or liable at any time for damage to any property or business of Lessee or those claiming by, under or through Lessee caused by or resulting from the bursting, breaking, leaking, running, seeping, overflowing or backing up of water, steam, gas, sewage, snow or ice in any part of the Premises or caused by or resulting from acts of God or the elements or any defect or negligence in the occupancy, construction, operation, renovation or use of the Premises or any improvements adjoining or in the vicinity of the Premises and/or any equipment, fixtures, machinery, appliances or apparatus therein. Lessor specifically retains responsibility and liability for its own acts or omissions that are determined to be an intentional or wanton act or gross negligence.
Additions and Improvements. Tenant shall not create any openings in the roof or exterior walls, or make any alterations, additions or improvements shall not be unreasonably withheld by Landlord. Tenant shall have the right to erect or install shelves, bins, machinery air conditioning or heating equipment and trade fixtures, provided that Tenant complies with all applicable governmental laws, ordinances and regulations. At the expiration or termination of this lease, Tenant shall, subject to the restrictions of Section 7.05 below, have the right to remove such items so installed by, provided Tenant is not in default at the time of such removal and provided further that Tenant shall, at the time of removal of such items, repair in a good and workmanlike manner any damage caused by installation or removal thereof. Tenant shall pay for all costs incurred or arising out of alterations, additions or improvements in or to the Property and shall not permit a mechanic's or materialism's lien to be asserted against the Property. Upon request by Landlord, Tenant shall deliver to Landlord proof of payment reasonably satisfactory to Landlord of all costs incurred or arising out of any such alterations, additions or improvements.
Additions and Improvements. Any parts installed or replacements made by Lessee upon any Unit of Equipment pursuant to additions, improvements or pursuant to Lessee's obligation to maintain and keep the Equipment in good order, condition and repair under this Article VIII shall in either case be considered accessions to such Unit of Equipment and title thereto immediately shall be vested in Lessor without cost or expense to Lessor. Lessee shall make no other additions or improvements to any Unit of Equipment unless the same are readily removable without causing damage to such Unit of Equipment, and provided that such additions, modifications and improvements do not diminish the condition, Fair Market Sales Value, utility, remaining useful life or expected residual value of such Unit of Equipment. Title to any such readily removable additions or improvements shall remain with Lessee. If Lessee shall at its cost cause such readily removable additions or improvements to be made to any Unit of Equipment, then, prior to the return of such Unit of Equipment to Lessor hereunder of the delivery of such Unit to a third party purchaser of such Unit, Lessee shall notify Lessor whether it intends to remove such readily removable additions and improvements and, thereafter, Lessee shall remove the same at its own expense without causing any damage to such Unit of Equipment; provided, however, that Lessor may, by delivery of written notice to Lessee prior to any such removal, elect to purchase any such readily removable additions for a price equal to the Fair Market Sales Value thereof. In the event that such removal causes damage to the applicable Unit of Equipment, Lessee shall promptly repair any such damage prior to the return of the Unit of Equipment to the Lessor or to such third-party purchaser. Title to any readily removable addition or improvement which has not been so removed by Lessee from any Unit of Equipment when such Unit is returned to Lessor pursuant to this Lease or delivered to a third party purchaser of such Unit shall thereupon be vested in Lessor or such purchaser.
Additions and Improvements. Any and all additions and improvements to and replacements of any of the foregoing Assets as described in Sections 2(a) through 2(d) above occurring between the Effective Date and the Closing Date; provided, however, that Owner shall not cause or permit any such addition, improvement or replacement to be commenced or made other than (i) in accordance with Section 17 below; (ii) following Buyer’s prior written consent thereto (which consent may be given, not given or conditioned in Buyer’s sole discretion); or (iii) to the extent required by applicable law (in which event Owner shall pay all costs and expenses incurred in connection with such addition, improvement or replacement). For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby declared that the sale and purchase of each of the Assets is interdependent and shall be completed simultaneously.
Additions and Improvements. Pennsylvania-American may make additions, improvements, and modifications to the Treatment Plant in its sole discretion. If the construction of additional facilities is required for a Customer Expansion Request or to treat Wastewater requiring specialized treatment emanating exclusively or in part from West Manchester Township other than a customer that is subject to the IPP, West Manchester Township shall pay the full or proportional cost as may be agreed to between the Parties. West Manchester Township shall have the right of engineering review and audit of construction costs at West Manchester Township’s sole expense. If the construction of additional facilities is for the benefit of Pennsylvania-American’s customers other than West Manchester Township, West Manchester Township shall not be required to participate in the cost of expansion.
Additions and Improvements. Incur directly or indirectly or allow its subsidiaries to incur any expenditure or enter into contracts for expenditures for additions and improvements to Borrower’s or Subsidiary’s assets, in a sum exceeding $250,000.00 individually and no more than $750,000.00 in the aggregate.
Additions and Improvements. VETERANS agrees that any and all improvements or additions to the existing structures may only be made with the prior express permission of the Director of Building and Grounds of Humboldt County. VETERANS further agrees that any such additions or improvements will be subject to inspection by the Director to insure that all additions or alterations are done in a xxxxxxx-like manner, and shall be properly maintained. COUNTY will do all minor repair work. All additions, improvements or alterations which become permanently affixed to the property shall become the sole property of COUNTY. All property that is movable or can be moved without damage to the property shall remain the property of VETERANS.
Additions and Improvements. The Owner may not alter, add to or improve the Premises save with with the prior notification and consent of the Agent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. Such consent must be given in writing within 7 (seven) days of receipt of any plan or proposal of such alterations, additions or improvements from the Owner. The Owner may not perform any major renovations to the Property without providing the Agent with at least 2 month’s written notice.
Additions and Improvements. Tenant shall not make any alterations, additions, or improvements to the Premises without Landlord's prior written consent. Landlord may require Tenant to provide demolition and/or lien and completion bonds in form and amount satisfactory to Landlord. Tenant shall promptly remove any alterations, additions, or improvements constructed in violation of this Section 9(f) upon Landlord’s written request. All alterations, additions, and improvements shall be done in a good and workmanlike manner, in conformity with all applicable laws and regulations, and by a contractor reasonably approved by Landlord. Upon completion of any such work, Tenant shall provide Landlord with "as built" plans, copies of all construction contracts, and proof of payment for all labor and materials. Tenant shall pay when due all claims for labor and material furnished to the Premises. Tenant shall give Landlord at least twenty (20) days' prior written notice of the commencement of any work on the Premises, regardless of whether Landlord's consent to such work is required.