End of the Term Sample Clauses

End of the Term. 12.1 The Tenant is not required to give notice to end this agreement at the end of the Term. If the Tenant moves out of the Property at the end of the Term, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise this agreement shall end.
End of the Term. You covenant that on the last day of the term, you will peaceably and quietly leave and surrender the Premises in its Exit Condition and that all payments required to be made by you in payment of utilities pursuant to Section 7.05 shall have been paid or provision for payment having been made. If you had any permit issued for alterations or improvements, whether consented to or not by Landlord, then you covenant that as of the last day of the term, such permits will be closed. You shall give written notice to Landlord at least thirty (30) days prior to vacating the Premises and you shall arrange to meet with Landlord for a joint inspection of the Premises prior to vacating. If you fail to arrange such joint inspection, Landlord’s inspection at or after you vacate the Premises shall be conclusively deemed correct for purposes of determining your responsibility for repairs and restoration.
End of the Term. At the end of the Term, the Tenant is to return the original Lease to the Landlord and use all reasonable endeavours to assist the Landlord in removing any notice of the Lease and the rights granted and reserved by it from the Landlord’s title to the Premises if that title has by then become registered at the Land Registry.
End of the Term. (1) If the Executive is terminated from employment due to the non-renewal of the Term by the Company, and provided the Executive executes and does not timely revoke a written Release (as defined below) in accordance with the terms of such Release, the Executive shall be entitled to receive, in lieu of any payments under any severance plan or program for employees or executives, the following:
End of the Term of this Agreement. Except as otherwise provided in paragraphs F and G of this Section 4 below, the Company may terminate the employment of the Employee at the end of the Term of this Agreement without any liability on the part of the Company to the Employee. However, if the Employee continues to be an employee of the Company after the Term expires, the Employee’s employment shall be governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, but the Employee shall be an employee at-will and the Employee’s employment may be terminated at any time by either the Company or the Employee without notice and for any reason not prohibited by law. If the Company terminates the employment of the Employee at the end of the Term of this Agreement, the Company shall, at the time of such termination, pay to the Employee the severance payment provided in paragraph F of this Section 4 below together with the value of any accrued but unused vacation, and the amount of all accrued but previously unpaid base salary through the date of such termination. The Company shall promptly reimburse the Employee for the amount of any reasonable expenses incurred prior to such termination by the Employee as required under and pursuant to the conditions of paragraph F of Section 3 above.
End of the Term. Upon any notice of termination of the Term being given under paragraph 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 or 11.4, the following shall apply, unless otherwise agreed by the Panics in writing:
End of the Term. Xxxxxx agrees that at the end of the Term he will surrender the Premises in as good condition as now, except for ordinary wear and tear.
End of the Term. 8.1 (Event of Default) A party commits an Event of Default under this Agreement if: