All Requirements Sample Clauses

All Requirements. Except as otherwise expressly permitted herein, Buyer shall purchase only Dedicated Lignite as fuel for the Facility during the Term of this Agreement. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Seller shall sell and deliver to Buyer, and Buyer shall purchase and receive from Seller and pay for, all Dedicated Lignite required by the Facility during the Term of the Agreement. The projected annual Dedicated Lignite requirement for the Facility from the Commercial Operation Date through the Term of this Agreement is 32,881,536 MMBtus (“Base Annual Lignite Quantity”). The Base Annual Lignite Quantity shall be adjusted from time to time in accordance with this Agreement.
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All Requirements. Power Supply - The service under which the Competitive Supplier provides all of the electrical energy, capacity, reserves, and ancillary services, transmission services, transmission and distribution losses, congestion management, and other such services or products necessary to provide firm power supply to Participating Consumers at the Point of Sale. This supply service also includes any costs associated with meeting “Renewable Portfolio Standards” at the levels required by applicable law throughout the term of the Agreement.
All Requirements. The following activities are exempt from all requirements of this Chapter:

Related to All Requirements

  • Operational Requirements 4 At-Sea Monitors are deployed, in accordance with coverage rates developed by 5 NMFS and as assigned through the Pre-Trip Notification System (PTNS), to 6 vessels. Due to availability of funding, changes in the fishery management, 7 such as emergency closures, court ordered closures, weather, and unforeseen 8 events must remain flexible. Additional funding for sea days may be added to 9 the contract within the scope and maximum allowable sea days. 10 The following items define the operational services to be provided by the 11 contractor under this contract.

  • Additional Requirements As a condition precedent to the execution and Delivery, the registration of issuance, transfer, split-up, combination or surrender, of any ADS, the delivery of any distribution thereon, or the withdrawal of any Deposited Property, the Depositary or the Custodian may require (i) payment from the depositor of Shares or presenter of ADSs or of an ADR of a sum sufficient to reimburse it for any tax or other governmental charge and any stock transfer or registration fee with respect thereto (including any such tax or charge and fee with respect to Shares being deposited or withdrawn) and payment of any applicable fees and charges of the Depositary as provided in Section 5.9 and Exhibit B, (ii) the production of proof reasonably satisfactory to it as to the identity and genuineness of any signature or any other matter contemplated by Section 3.1, and (iii) compliance with (A) any laws or governmental regulations relating to the execution and Delivery of ADRs or ADSs or to the withdrawal of Deposited Securities and (B) such reasonable regulations as the Depositary and the Company may establish consistent with the provisions of the representative ADR, if applicable, the Deposit Agreement and applicable law.

  • Functional Requirements The EPDS shall perform the following functions under the Conditions and Operational Scenarios specified below:

  • Personnel Requirements a. The CONTRACTOR shall secure, at the CONTRACTOR'S own expense, all personnel required to perform this Contract.

  • General Requirements The Contractor hereby agrees:

  • Governmental Requirements The Provider warrants and represents that it will comply with all governmental ordinances, laws and regulations.

  • Federal Requirements In the event this Contract is paid in whole or in part from any federal government agency or source, the specific terms, regulations and requirements governing the disbursement of these funds shall be specified herein and become a part of this clause.

  • Technical Requirements The NID shall provide an accessible point of interconnection and shall maintain a connection to ground.

  • Time Requirements The Independent Contractor will not be required to follow or establish a regular or daily work schedule, but shall devote during the term of this Agreement the time, energy and skill as necessary to perform the services of this engagement and shall, periodically or at any time upon the request of the Company, submit information as to the amount of time worked and scope of work performed.

  • Special Requirements Additional terms and conditions of this Agreement, if any, which are made a part hereof are set forth in the “Special Requirements” attached hereto as Exhibit “B” and incorporated herein by this reference. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of Exhibit “B” and any other provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of Exhibit “B” shall govern.