GIVEN THAT Sample Clauses

GIVEN THAT. The Università degli Studi di Torino (hereinafter the “University") has started the construction of the new university campus “Città delle Scienze e dell’Ambiente". The objective is to create a dedicated area of 50,000 sqm on the campus - the Butterfly Area - which will host companies and organizations to do research, together with researchers and students, with joint laboratories, pilot plants, access to university research equipment and innovation services. The Butterfly Area today is an idea, which needs to be designed together with those who will inhabit and use it in the near future. To start the creation of an Ecosystem, the University launched in July 2021 a first call for expression of interest, aimed at individual subjects, leaving the formalization of public and private organizations participation to a later stage. THE FOLLOWING IS AGREED
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GIVEN THAT. A. The Owner (as defined in Item 5 of Part 1 of the Land Title Act Form C to which this Agreement is attached) ("Housing Agreement") is the registered owner of the land legally described in Item 2 of Part 1 of the Land Title Act Form C to which this Agreement is attached ("Land");
GIVEN THAT. I. On 1st August 2007 the Single Convention of Concession for the purpose of "awarding the design, realization and management of the motorway between Dalmine, Como, Varese, Valico del Gaggiolo and the related works", approved by inter‐ministerial Decree, on 12th February 2008, no. 1667 (registered by the Court of Auditors, on 18th April 2008, reg. 4, sheet 144), was signed between the Concessioni Autostrade Lombarde S.p.A . (hereinafter referred as the "Grantor") and APL;
GIVEN THAT. A. The Owner is the owners of lands and premises set out in section 1.1;
GIVEN THAT. A. The Town wishes to retain the services of the Contractor to provide bylaw enforcement services as set out in Schedule “A” to this Agreement (the “Services”); and
GIVEN THAT. Cozy For You -­‐ Tour per Tutti is a company that operates in the tourism organization sector that enhances a high quality tourism product at an entrepreneurial level, with particular reference to the production on one side and sale and intermediation of tourist tourism products accessible to people with "special" needs on the other side; - the T.O. Intermediary C4Y operates a tourism e commerce platform (the "Platform") located at ‘’, through which, as well as other related distribution channels, distributes tours, adventures, tourism and services and accessible activities managed by third party tour operators for purchase (i.e., booking) by the customers ( included people with disabilities); - C4Y is interested in identifying attractive tours and activities at abroad destinations and selling the tourism products of other partner companies SUCH AS TOUR OPERATORS ABROAD products (packages or tailor made) accessible and logistically efficient and responding to parameters mutually recognized inclusive of all services, from accommodation to suitable transport also to the needs of customers with disabilities - C4y will book and sell those tours and activities, by marking up Tour Operator activity fees, and the Tour Operator Fornitore will operate the tourism product. - the TO Supplier is a company / other which also operates in the creation and tourist tourism activities in the (COUNTRY) , and is interested in selling its products and services (tourism packages , organized trips etc ..) carried out in his territory and made available to the public of customers through the 'Cozy Fair' e-­‐commerce platform managed by the coop Cosy for You pursuant to this agreement,
GIVEN THAT. The above mentioned institutions present common characteristics and especially: - Both are devoted to research on the history of science and technology; - Both aim to diffuse nationally and internationally knowledge about historical heritage, and scientific culture; - Both wish to compare and share their respective methods in these domains ; - Both consider important to increase public awareness about, and understanding of, the domains above mentioned.
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GIVEN THAT. A. The Regional District wishes to engage the Contractor for the provision of services as described in the Request for QuotationsProject Lead Tempest Implementation, issued by the Regional District on Nov 20, 2020 (the “RFQ”); and
GIVEN THAT the Ministry of Culture carries out the functions regarding the protection and conservation of the cultural heritage; - The Direzione Regionale Musei Calabria coordinates and promotes state museums at a regional level, favoring the creation of integrated services and guaranteeing uniform levels of quality; - based on the Statutes decreed with rep. 862 of 3 December 2020 and rep. 13 of 12 January 2021, the museums, archaeological parks and places of culture belonging to the Direzione Regionale Musei Calabria are permanent, non-profit institutions at the service of society and its development, and open to the public, carry out research concerning material and immaterial of humanity and its environment; they acquire them, keep them, communicate them and, above all, exhibit them for the purposes of study, education and pleasure "; - cultural heritage education is one of the primary objectives of the Management, in implementation of Article 9 of the Constitution 'The Republic promotes the development of culture and scientific and technical research. Protects the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the nation '; - within the sphere of its competences, the Direction plans, directs, coordinates and monitors all the activities of management, protection, conservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage of its competence; - the Management has the mission of conserving and enhancing its collections in order to contribute to the safeguarding of cultural heritage, also through the search for cutting-edge exhibition methods and in full compliance with the quality standards dictated by the superior Ministry - within the scope of its competences, the Regional Direction, having consulted the competent General Directorates of Museums and Education and Research for the due opinion, stipulates agreements with public and private entities and bodies, aimed at the conception and implementation of study, research and enhancement projects of the cultural heritage present in the area, with particular regard to relations with the State, with the Province, with the Municipalities and with the reference University; - Universities and their branches have specific skills in the objectives set out in the Convention and carry out research programs and projects aimed at expanding knowledge, training new skills, promoting and enhancing research results and in particular they declare to carry out on the open market less than 20 per cent of the activities affected by the...
GIVEN THAT the carrying out of Market Making activity within the natural-gas market is provided by Art. 27 of the Natural-Gas Market Rules approved, pursuant to art. 30, paragraph 1, of the Law of 23 July 2009, no. 99 (hereinafter: Law 99/09), with Decree of the Minister for Economic Development of 6 March 2013 (hereinafter: MD 6 March 2013), as subsequently amended and supplemented, which replaces in full, pursuant to the Decree of 9 August 2013, the provisions of the Natural-Gas Market Rules, approved, pursuant to art. 30, paragraph 2, of Law 99/09, by the Ministry of Economic Development, after consulting the Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water on 26 November 2010, as subsequently amended and supplemented (hereinafter: Rules); - the Technical Rules referred to in Article 4 of the Rules are published on the GME website and shall enter into force on the date of their publication; Taking this into account, the undersigned……………………………………………………………………………………… or the company/other , in the person of ………………………….………as , (legal representative or person with necessary powers) APPLIES FOR
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