Insurance Carriers Sample Clauses

Insurance Carriers. All PSP’s insurance shall be issued by insurance carriers authorized to do business in Texas at the time the policy is issued (and at all times during the term of this Agreement) and rated by A.M. Best Company as A-VII or better, confirmed by one or more insurance certificates conforming to the following requirements:
Insurance Carriers. All insurance required of Contractor hereunder shall be through insurance carriers licensed to do business in the State of California and otherwise reasonably acceptable to University.
Insurance Carriers. The Board of Education at its sole discretion may change the identity of carriers or administrators contracted to provide or to administer medical, prescription drug, dental, vision and/or life insurance in whole or in part. Prior to changing vendors under this section, the Board shall notify the President of the Association at least thirty (30) days in advance of the nature of the proposed change and the reasons therefore. During the next ensuing thirty (30) day period, the parties shall meet and the reasons for the proposed change shall be more fully explained. Any changes in the identity of the carriers or administrators contracted to provide or to administer medical, prescription drug, dental, vision and/or life insurance benefits in whole or in part must provide substantially equal coverage, benefits and service to the members of the bargaining unit and their dependents at no additional cost, and any claims then or thereafter that this is not the case may be the subject of a grievance under the controlling grievance procedures. If, during the thirty (30) day period set forth above, the parties cannot agree that this is the case, either the Board or the Association may invoke arbitration as provided under this Agreement for the purpose of determining whether the proposed change or changes will, in fact, provide equal benefits, at no additional cost to covered employees or their dependents. Network equivalence shall not be a factor in considering substantial equivalence in coverage, benefits and service, provided that there is no disruption of physicians of greater than fifteen percent (by visit). A change in formulary shall be considered equivalent if at least 90 of the 100 drugs most commonly used by Westport teachers shall be included in the formulary. Any arbitration under this clause will be final and binding as provided by the contract, preferably before an arbitrator experienced in insurance matters.
Insurance Carriers. Coverage shall be subject to the provisions of the Master Agreement with the insurance carrier and such provisions shall include coordination and subrogation of benefits. Any change in carriers will provide for no loss or lapse of coverage unless otherwise mutually agreed.
Insurance Carriers. An insurance committee composed of District and Association members will meet to review the insurance plans to be offered for the following school year and to review comparable plans for possible implementation.
Insurance Carriers. 44 45 The insurance carriers are: Dental Washington Dental Service Washington Dental Service Managed Care Willamette Dental Vision Northwest Benefits Network (NBN) Term Life and AD&D Sun Life Insurance Long-term Disability Sun Life Insurance Medical Premera Blue Cross Group Health Cooperative
Insurance Carriers. At any time during the term of this Agreement, the NBA may change the carrier of any of the foregoing insurance programs, subject to the Players Association’s prior written approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. In no event shall any change in insurance carrier result in a change in the types or levels of any of the benefits provided for above, except as otherwise requested by the Players Association under Section 1(e) above. In the event that a type of or level of benefit is not commercially available, the NBA may substitute a type of or level of benefit of comparable value, subject to the Players Association’s approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Insurance Carriers. The Company reserves the right at any time to place the programs provided for in this Supplemental Agreement with insurance carriers other than those now providing those overages, provided the new carrier provides benefits equal to those in effect prior to the change in carriers.
Insurance Carriers. ‌ The Board shall have the right to select the insurance carriers or to self-insure, provided that if any change from an existing carrier would result in insurance coverage or method of payment which is not equivalent to or superior to that previously provided, the change shall be only by mutual agreement of the Board and the Association. In the event that a consortium to purchase health insurance is developed and viable during the term of this agreement in the Chester County area, or in the event of a mandated or optional statewide or regional health care system to which the Great Valley School District has the opportunity or the obligation to belong, the parties agree to negotiate over participation in such a consortium or system, as well as the terms of such participation, provided that if such participation is mandatory, the parties shall participate at least to the extent such participation is required.