Definition of Tenants Proportionate Share

Tenants Proportionate Share shall mean the percentage set forth in Item 7 of the Schedule that has been determined by dividing the Rentable Square Feet of the Premises by the Rentable Square Feet of the Building.

Tenants Proportionate Share means, for all purposes of this Lease, one hundred percent (100%.) SECTION 3.2 Tenant shall pay, commencing on the Rent Commencement Date, in addition to the Fixed Rent, and as Additional Rent, an amount (hereinafter "Tenant's Tax Payment") equal to Tenant's Proportionate Share of the Real Estate Taxes. Such Additional Rent shall be paid by Tenant notwithstanding the fact that Tenant may be exempt, in whole or in part, from the payment of any Real Estate Taxes due to Tenant's diplomatic, charitable, or otherwise tax exempt status, or for any other reason at all. SECTION 3.3 (c) Landlord shall furnish Tenant with a statement and a copy of the Real Estate Tax bill setting forth the amount of Real Estate Taxes and Tenant's Tax Payment and Tenant shall pay Tenant's Tax Payment at least fifteen (15) days before the first day of the month in which the Real Estate Taxes for such subsequent Tax Year become due; but in no case, except as set forth in Subsection (b) below, shall Tenant's payments be payable more than thirty (30) days prior to the date that such payments are due to the taxing authority.

Tenants Proportionate Share shall mean forty-seven percent (47%).

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Tenant hereby accepts and agrees to be bound by the figures for the rentable square footage of the Premises and Tenants Proportionate Share shown on the Reference Pages; however, Landlord may adjust either or both figures if there is manifest error, addition or subtraction to the Building or any business park or complex of which the Building is a part, remeasurement or other circumstance reasonably justifying adjustment.
Tenant shall pay the applicable Tenant's Proportionate Share of each such Operating Expenses.
Landlord's determination of Tenant's Proportionate Share of the Building and of the Project shall be conclusive so long as it is reasonably and consistently applied.
In addition to the Base Rent required to be paid hereunder, Tenant shall pay as Additional Rent, Tenant's Proportionate Share of the Building and/or Project (as applicable), as defined in the Basic Lease Information, of Operating Expenses (defined below) in the manner set forth below.
Tenant shall pay Tenant's Proportionate Share of the Estimated Operating Expenses with installments of Base Rent for the fiscal year to which the Estimated Operating Expenses applies in monthly installments on the first day of each calendar month during such year, in advance.

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Tenants Proportionate Share means 0.67%.

Tenants Proportionate Share means 1.265%;

Tenants Proportionate Share means .5622.