Parking Facilities definition

Parking Facilities means parking lots or other off-street areas for the parking of vehicles, including areas below or above the surface of streets.
Parking Facilities means that part of the Project containing parking facilities with vehicular access thereto including, without limitation, parking spaces, ramps, circulation space, vehicular entrances and exits, the structural elements thereof and services, facilities and systems contained in or servicing such parking facilities.
Parking Facilities means the parking area located on the Property, containing the approximate number of lined parking spaces set forth in the Building Description, which parking area is provided as Common Facilities.

Examples of Parking Facilities in a sentence

  • Contractor shall bag all rubbish and debris, and remove from the Parking Facilities on the same day and dispose of in a legal manner.

  • Contractor will provide the necessary personnel, equipment, materials and supplies for the Parking Facilities to meet every term and conditions specified, and will use the utmost skill and diligence in the conduct of the business.

  • At the termination of the Agreement, Contractor shall surrender up the Parking Facilities in the same condition as they were in at the commencement of the term or in better condition as they may have been improved during the term, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

  • All funds received by Contractor from the Parking Facilities shall be deposited by noon each day the bank is open, for previously undeposited revenue, in said account.

  • The Contractor shall be responsible for, taking all reasonable measures and means, to insure labor harmony in its operations at the Parking Facilities, all to the end of avoiding and preventing strikes, walkouts, work stoppages, slowdowns, boycotts and other labor trouble and discord.

More Definitions of Parking Facilities

Parking Facilities means any parking areas and facilities and any other similar service areas and facilities located on the Lands and serving the Project.
Parking Facilities. All parking areas now or hereafter designated by Landlord for use by tenants of the Project and/or their guests and invitees, including, without limitation, surface parking, parking decks, parking structures and parking areas under or within the Project whether reserved, exclusive, non-exclusive or otherwise.
Parking Facilities means all Defendants’ interests in the properties listed in Schedule A, including the Parking Facility Agreements for those properties, and all tangible and intangible assets used by Defendants primarily in connection with those properties, including, but not limited to: employment, customer or other contracts; equipment and other property; the customer lists, business accounts and records, and market research data for the individual Parking Facilities; manuals and instructions provided to employees; and other physical assets,
Parking Facilities means the parking area adjacent to the Building, which parking area is provided as Common Facilities.
Parking Facilities. The parties should determine whether the community will have access to any parking facilities, and if so, the conditions for access to them.
Parking Facilities means the parking lot(s) and parking structure(s) located within or adjacent to the Office Complex and designated by Landlord as serving the Building.
Parking Facilities means lots, garages, parking terminals, buildings and structures and accommodations for parking of motor vehicles off the street or highway, open to public use, with or without charge. (2) "Parking commission" shall mean the department or agency created by the legislative authority of the municipality as hereinafter provided. (3) "City council" shall mean the city council or legislative authority of the municipality. (4) "Mayor" shall mean the chief executive officer of the municipality. [1969 ex.s. c 204 § 3.]