Definition of Tenant's Property

Tenant's Property means all moveable partitions, business and trade fixtures, machinery and equipment that is not affixed to the Standard or Tenant Requested Improvements, communications equipment and office equipment located on or about the Property and acquired by or for the account of the Tenant, without expense to the Landlord, and all furniture, furnishings, and other articles of personal property owned by the Tenant and located on or about the Property.

Examples of Tenant's Property in a sentence

Landlord shall not be responsible for the value, preservation or safekeeping of Tenants Property.
Landlord and Tenant hereby waive and shall cause their respective insurance carriers to waive any and all rights of recovery, claims, actions or causes of action against the other for any loss or damage with respect to Tenants Property, Leasehold Improvements, the Building, the Premises, or any contents thereof, including rights, claims, actions and causes of action based on negligence, which loss or damage is (or would have been, had the insurance required by this Lease been carried) covered by insurance.
The right to receive compensation or proceeds are expressly waived by Tenant, however, Tenant may file a separate claim for Tenants Property and Tenants reasonable relocation expenses, provided the filing of the claim does not diminish the amount of Landlords award.
If Tenant fails to remove Tenants Property from the Premises or storage, within 30 days after notice, Landlord may deem all or any part of Tenants Property to be abandoned and title to Tenants Property shall vest in Landlord.
Any Tenants Property, Alterations and property not so removed by Tenant as permitted or required herein shall be deemed abandoned and may be stored, removed, and disposed of by Landlord at Tenants expense, and Tenant waives all claims against Landlord for any damages resulting from Landlords retention and/or disposition of such property.