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Office Uses means general, professional, and medical offices. "Industrial Uses" means all manufacturing facilities.
Office Uses means non-retail, non-personal service establishments which involve the transaction or provision of financial, professional or business services, the operation of service organizations, or the offices of Health-Care providers. Office usesinclude, but are not limited to advertising agencies; banks, public relations firms; offices of professional persons; financial and tax services; mortgage and money-lending institutions; investment companies; business consultants; credit agencies; secretarial services and the like. Office uses are characterized by having limited storage consisting of office supplies or the like, but not stock for resale. Office uses may include health and fitness facilities provided as a service to employees of the office uses. (5/4/2005; 9/28/2010)
Office Uses means general, professional, and medical offices.

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  • An AHO Project may contain active non-residential uses on the ground floor as they may be permitted as-of-right in the base zoning district or the overlay district(s) that are applicable to a lot, which for the purpose of this Section shall be limited to Institutional Uses listed in Section 4.33, Office Uses listed in Section 4.34 Paragraphs a.

  • For Office Uses and Entertainment Uses, at least fifty percent (50%) of the Display Window Area shall be glazed and transparent.

  • Potential CIL charges for retail developmentSimilarly we have set out the justification for a potential cross authority charge for retail development.Potential CIL charges for Office Uses Beyond St Albans we can find no justification on CIL grounds fora positive charge for office development.

  • Industrial and Wholesale Uses: FAR 4.0 Office Uses and Biotechnology Manufacturing Uses: FAR 8.0 [3] Retail and Consumer Services Uses: FAR 5.0Residential uses: - Multi-family housing: FAR 8.0 [10] - Hotel/Motel: FAR 6.0 Other uses: FAR 4.0If development on a lot is to include activities in more than one of the uses above, the maximum FAR for the lot shall be the FAR for the use group containing the largest proportion of space on the lot.

  • For Retail Uses, Service Uses, Office Uses, and Trade Uses, there shall be, to a depth of at least two (2) feet behind the Display Window Area: (i) an area for the display of goods and services available for purchase on the premises; or (ii) an area for exhibits and announcements; provided, however, that no such areas shall be required for a display window that provides pedestrians with a view of the Retail Use, Service Use, Office Use, or Trade Use conducted on the premises.

  • The Development Proposal must identify Innovation Space that has a GFA equal to, or in excess of, five percent (5%) of the new GFA approved in the Final Development Plan for Office Uses other than the office space designated as an Other Government Facility on a Government Owned Lot.

  • Alternative E, the Alternative Land Use—New Residential Uses With Decreased Office Uses Alternative, would introduce residential uses to the Project Site and reduce the amount of proposed office, production office, and support uses.

  • Tract E Future Medical Campus / ConservationOffice Uses, Medical Ambulatory surgical Center Assisted Living Facilities Nursing Homes Rehabilitation Facilities Skilled Nursing Facility Office Uses, Non-MedicalAny future development within Tract E (except for construction of stormwater, sidewalks, landscaping and related infrastructure) shall be subject to a Major Modification to the PUD.

  • A Development Proposal containing at least two hundred thousand (200,000) square feet of new GFA for Office Uses identified in Section 4.34, and specifically excluding any office space designated as Other Government Facility on a Government Owned Lot, shall include a plan for Innovation Space meeting the requirements set forth below.

  • Office Uses in the C-P Planned Shopping Center district and in Planned Developments.

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Office Uses means as defined in Section 409.

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  • Office use means a building housing a commercial use.

  • Office Use Only Member # Excel Member File Rec’d by Sage & Aloha Payment Method Office Copy Charging Agreement (if applicable) Memberships are not refundable or transferable HOUSE CHARGE AGREEMENT The information contained in preceding application is submitted for the purpose of obtaining House charge privileges with The Xxxxxxx Corporation d/b/a The Wentworth Golf Club/The Red Fox Bar and Grille. On the opening of a charge account for , referred to as customer, agrees as follows: To pay for all merchandise, services, meals and beverages purchased on this account within thirty (30) days from the end of the month of any such purchase, including all charges made by customer and all other persons with his or her authorization. The customer further agrees to pay a service charge of 1.5% on any balance remaining unpaid after this due date, such charges to be added to customer’s subsequent monthly bills. Any balance unpaid longer than 60 days shall be grounds to discontinue charge privileges. Acceptable methods of payments are: Cash or Check – Credit Cards are not accepted for charge payments. The customer further agrees that if his or her balance is not paid in full within sixty (60) days of the due date, the balance of all of customer’s accounts may, at the Xxxxxxx Corporation d/b/a The Wentworth Golf Club/The Red Fox Bar and Grille’s option, be referred immediately to outside collection and customer shall be responsible for all costs associated with said outside collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees. Customer warrants and represents that all information contained in this application is true, accurate and complete. Customer acknowledges that The Xxxxxxx Corporation d/b/a The Wentworth Golf Club/The Red Fox Bar and Grille is relying on information contained in this application in its decision regarding the extension of charge privileges to the customer. Customer authorizes The Xxxxxxx Corporation, d/b/a The Wentworth Golf Club/The Red FoxBar & Grille to make any investigation of customer’s charge privileges with regard to information contained in the foregoing application. The Xxxxxxx Corporation, d/b/a The Wentworth Golf Club/The Red Fox Bar and Grille is not required to make any such investigation and may rely on information contained within the foregoing application for charge privileges. All transactions involving charge privileges extended under this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of New Hampshire, which are expressly adopted to control all transactions hereunder. Customer expressly agrees to all provisions contained in this agreement and manifests such agreement by his or her signature to this agreement. Memberships are not refundable or transferable. Customer acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement. Customer has further read, understands and agrees to the form of this agreement. Member Signature Date

  • re-use means any operation by which products or components that are not waste are used again for the same purpose for which they were conceived;

  • Service User means the person directly receiving the Services provided by the Provider as specified in the Service Specifications and includes their Carer and Legal Guardian where appropriate Service Quality Performance Report means a report as described in Appendix J (Service Quality Performance Report)

  • Routine use means the disclosure of a record without the consent of the subject or subjects, for a purpose which is compatible with the purpose for which the record was collected. It includes disclosures required to be made by statute other than the public records law, Iowa Code chapter 22.

  • Residential Uses means lands, Buildings or structures or portions thereof used, or designed or intended for use as a home or residence of one or more individuals, and shall include Single Detached Dwelling, Semi-Detached Dwelling, Multiple Dwelling, Apartment Dwelling, and the residential portion of a mixed-use Building or structure;

  • Home use means use in a household or its immediate environment.

  • Permitted Uses means a use, listed in a permitted use table, that shall be approved with or without conditions provided the requirements and regulations of Zoning By-law No. 4404, as amended, are satisfied;

  • Exclusive Use Area means a part or parts of the common property for the exclusive use by the owner or owners of one or more sections;

  • Help Desk means the contact point established by Project Co in respect of the Help Desk Services for the notification of Demand Requisitions, the occurrence of Events and other matters arising in relation to the provision of Services;

  • Service Users means each person who is referred or presents to the Provider as part of the provision of the Services;

  • Private use means any use of the Trading Platform by Clients that are physical persons;

  • Mobile home space means a parcel of land for rent which has been designed to accommodate a mobile home and provide the required sewer and utility connections.

  • Space means the volume of gas which a user of a storage facility is entitled to use for the storage of gas;

  • CIP (Destinations means Carriage and Insurance Paid up to named port of destination. Additionally the Insurance (local transportation and storage) would be extended and borne by the Supplier from ware house to the consignee site for a period including 3 months beyond date of delivery.

  • bicycle parking space – visitor means an area that is equipped with a bicycle rack for the purpose of parking and securing bicycles, and:

  • Residential use means the use in or around a home, apartment building, sleeping quarters, and similar facilities or accommodations.

  • Building Envelope means the integrated elements of a building which separate its interior from the outdoor environment;

  • Sign area means the entire area of a sign face;