Definition of Tenant's Percentage

Tenant's Percentage means and is agreed and deemed to be 4.05%.

Tenant's Percentage means 17.00%.

Examples of Tenant's Percentage in a sentence

The parties acknowledge that the Rentable Area of the Premises and the Building have been finally determined by the parties as part of this Lease for all purposes, including the calculation of Tenants Percentage Share and will not, except as otherwise provided in this Lease, be changed.
Tenants Percentage Share of Operating Expenses shall be appropriately adjusted based upon the results of such audit, and the results of such audit shall be final and binding upon Landlord and Tenant.
Subject to and in accordance with Article 9, starting as of the Occupancy Date (or if Landlord's Work is subdivided into Phases, as of the first Occupancy Date for a Phase) and continuing thereafter during the term, Tenant will pay Tenant's Percentage of Taxes directly to Landlord as additional rent within fifteen (15) days after receipt of Landlord's bill.
Tenant shall pay Tenants Percentage Share (as defined below) of the Operating Expenses for the Project.
Tenant shall pay to Landlord the Tenants Percentage of Operating Costs (as hereinafter defined) incurred by Landlord in any calendar year.