Pooling Agreement Sample Clauses

Pooling Agreement. The Pooling Agreement, dated as of the Closing Date, between the Seller and the Depositor, as amended, supplemented or modified from time to time.
Pooling Agreement. (A= name and details (BRP Contract references of the Balance Responsible Party) of all the Balance Responsible Parties forming a pool, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Pooling Parties’) **** (B = name and details of the Balance Responsible Party who will be the Head of the Pool) *** (start date of the pool) *** (end date of the pool (if defined)) Declaration of all the Pooling Parties: We, the undersigned Balance Responsible Parties, hereby declare to Xxxx that we will abide by the terms of our respective Balance Responsible Party Contracts and, notwithstanding said pooling, will fulfil all of our obligations, as agreed with Xxxx, as set out in the aforementioned BRP contracts. Regardless of any existing arrangements, contracts, agreements or any other form or circumstance that we, the Pooling Parties, may have between ourselves, we will at all times during our respective Balance Responsible Party Contracts give priority to our obligations as per the aforementioned Balance Responsible Party Contracts. Xxxx is hereby expressly entitled to benefit from all the stipulations or agreements provided, directly or indirectly, herein and may act, if and when necessary, in relation to any of the Pooling Parties mentioned herein. All of the Pooling Parties mentioned above are bound to Xxxx for their respective obligations to Xxxx pursuant to their respective Balance Responsible Party Contracts. To avoid any ambiguity, each of the Pooling Parties waives the benefit of discussion and division with regard to Xxxx. **** Date of notification to Xxxx. **** Signature by the authorised persons of each Pooling Party.
Pooling Agreement. Without prejudice to the respective responsibilities, [BRP] may, in conjunction with one or more other Balance Responsible Parties that have signed a Balance Responsible Party contract with Xxxx, share (or 'pool') its Imbalance with the Imbalances of the other Balance Responsible Party(/Parties) mentioned above. Such an agreement is referred to hereinafter as a 'Pooling Agreement'. The Pooling Agreement must satisfy the criteria laid down in 0 to the BRP Contract ('Pooling Agreement'). [BRP] can either: - enter into one (1) Pooling Agreement designating another Balance Responsible Party as the “Head of the Pool”, to be invoiced for their total Imbalance; or - enter into a Pooling Agreement in which [BRP] is designated as the Head of the Pool by one or more Balance Responsible Parties and will be invoiced for their total Imbalance. When more than one Pooling Agreement exists in which the total Imbalance is invoiced to [BRP] for each Pooling Agreement, all of these total Imbalances will be further combined and determined on the basis of the synchronised Imbalances for each of the aforementioned Pooling Agreements. The Pooling Agreement must be jointly made known to Xxxx by the Pooling Parties and must be validly signed by each of them. This joint notification will indicate to Xxxx the Head of the Pool whom Xxxx will invoice for the total Imbalance created by the pooling. If the Head of the Pool designated by other Balance Responsible Parties in the Pooling Agreement to pay their total Tariff for Imbalances does not fulfil, for whatever reason, its payment obligations to Xxxx under the Pooling Agreement and the terms of the BRP Contract, Xxxx will suspend the validity of said Pooling Agreement relating to Xxxx for as long as said payment obligations are not fulfilled. Xxxx will then send individual invoices to the respective Balance Responsible Parties as if there were no Pooling Agreement. These invoices will then be retroactive to the due date of the invoice(s) for the total Tariff for Imbalances and late-payment interest will be added in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 2 August 2002. If necessary, the Parties state that any payment by [BRP] to the Head of the Pool under the Pooling Agreement cannot be deemed to discharge [BRP] from its obligations towards Xxxx. The conclusion of this BRP Contract and Elia’s awareness of the Pooling Agreement cannot under any circumstances be deemed to constitute the agreement by Xxxx to a discharge payment to ...
Pooling Agreement. 5 Purchase. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Pooling Agreement. The Pooling Agreement referred to in Article 22 of this BRP Contract must be passed on to Xxxx at the address stated in Appendix 2 to this BRP Contract (for the attention of the point of contact for contractual relations) and, in order to be valid, must only contain the wording and information below, and no other wording or information (except for the missing information indicated by asterisks, which must be properly entered by the parties entering into the Pooling Agreement):
Pooling Agreement. The Holder will enter into a pooling agreement concerning this Warrant, and the shares of Common Stock to be issued upon exercise this Warrant, substantially in the form of Annex ?D? (the "Pooling Agreement"). The term of the applicable pooling period shall three years subject to the Pooling Agreement. Rocketinfo may impose stop-transfer instructions with respect to the Common Stock (or securities) subject to the foregoing restriction until the end of said three year period.
Pooling Agreement. On Closing, after reinsurance of Policy Liabilities to reinsurers under the Ceded Reinsurance Agreements and the Coinsurance Agreement, no Policy Liabilities will be ceded under the Reinsurance Pooling Agreement effective December 31, 1985 by and between VFL and CAC.
Pooling Agreement. 2.1 AMCO, Mutual, ALLIED Property and Casualty Insurance Company, and Depositors Insurance Company are parties to the Second Amended and Restated Reinsurance Pooling Agreement dated December 14, 1992, as amended February 18, 1993 and February 10, 1995 ("Pooling Agreement"), pursuant to which AMCO, as the pool administrator, conducts insurance operations and provides certain administrative services to the other parties. Included in these administrative services are the provision of data processing services for the jointly conducted insurance operations. The Pooling Agreement shall control as to matters regarding data processing services provided by AMCO to Mutual, ALLIED Property and Casualty Insurance Company, and Depositors Insurance Company and the payment for any services provided thereto.
Pooling Agreement. On the Closing Date, the Shareholders, Finders, and Capital Alliance Group Inc. will enter into a pooling agreement with the Purchaser in respect of the SE Global Shares they will hold on Closing, substantially in the form of Exhibit B (the "Pooling Agreement"). The term of the applicable pooling period shall be twenty-five (25) months following the Closing Date for each of the shareholders subject to the Pooling Agreement.
Pooling Agreement. Upon payment of the Purchase Price by Balmoral to American Bonanza, American Bonanza will enter into the Pooling Agreement with Balmoral in the form attached as Schedule S.