TRANSFER OF Sample Clauses

TRANSFER OF. If Fuso * pursuant to Section 6.1 above, the parties shall negotiate in good faith the * for the * and *, and shall cooperate with each other in order that Fuso may * as soon as practicable; provided, GenVec shall not be obligated to * which is subject to a contractual obligation with a third party.
TRANSFER OF. SHARES Pledgor hereby authorises Lender at any time ---------- ------------------ to cause the Shares to be transferred and registered to the Lender or any other party the Lender may determine for the purpose of realising on the Shares to acquire proceeds to pay the Loan.
TRANSFER OF. The Parties acknowledge and agree that while the Development Manufacturing and Supply Plans shall [*], it is intended that [*] to be mutually agreed by the Parties. Prior to [*] with respect to Licensed Products, the Parties shall agree and enter into a supply agreement in respect of [*] which shall be broadly similar to the terms of the Supply Agreement, and the Supply Agreement shall expire. Each Party shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to ensure a timely and effective [*] with respect to the Licensed Products in accordance with the Development Manufacturing and Supply Plan or Commercial Manufacturing and Supply Plan (as applicable) and to complete the [*] contemplated by this clause. [*].
TRANSFER OF a portion of the assets of the Fund held by the Trustee be transferred to another trust established and maintained for the investment of assets of the Plan. Upon transfer of assets pursuant to such directions, the Trustee shall have no further responsibility for the control or management of such assets, and such assets shall no longer be deemed to be subject to any provision of the Agreement.
TRANSFER OF a Member's Interest--Approval. Except as provided in this Article 6, no Member shall sell, transfer, assign, convey, encumber or otherwise dispose of, by operation of law or otherwise, the whole or any part of his interest in the LLC, without the prior express written consent of Members holding more than one percent of the Ownership Interests (excluding the proposed transferor Member). The approval right regarding the transfer of Ownership Interests may be unreasonably withheld. Any such unauthorized transfer shall not vest the transferee with any rights as a Member other than the transferor's right to receive distributions. Nothing contained in this Article 6 shall prevent an individual partner from transferring his or her interest in the LLC to a revocable trust with the individual partner being the grantor and initial trustee.
TRANSFER OF. Purchased Stock. At the ... .
TRANSFER OF. KNOW-HOW Within sixty (60) days following the Effective Date and as far as it has not already done so, P&U will supply LUNG RX with all available Know-How it possesses. In addition, P&U agrees to provide such technical assistance as LUNG RX may reasonably request to enable it to utilize the Know-How; provided, however, that it is understood that LUNG RX will obtain the majority of the Know-How from Glaxo Wellcome which Glaxo Wellcome obtained or generated under the 1993 Development Agreement. P&U will also grant LUNG RX a right of reference under its Drug Master File No. 6804 at the U.S. FDA for Compound.
TRANSFER OF. During the of this Agreement, the Union shall have right, subject to the approval of the Trustees at any to require the Employer to change the amounts-of the contributions to any trust funds other than the Vacation with Pay Trust Fund by transferring any portion of the contribution required to be to any particular trust fund to any other trust fund provided that there shall be no in the total monetary contributions required to be under this Agreement and also provided that the trust to which the contribution is redirected to is part Agreement.
TRANSFER OF. The Contract Holder may make an unlimited number of Current Value Transfers during the Accumulation Period. The number from the Funds of free Transfers allowed by Aetna is shown on or AG Account Contract Schedule I. Additional Transfers may be (Cont'd): subject to a Transfer fee as shown on Contract Schedule I. Transfers from the AG Account of a Matured Term Value on or within one calendar month after a Term's Maturity Date do not count against the annual Transfer limit. Amounts applied to Guaranteed Terms of the AG Account may not be transferred to the Funds or to another Guaranteed Term during the Deposit Period or for 90 days after the close of the Deposit Period except for Matured Term Value(s) during the calendar month following the Term's Maturity Date. Transfers from Guaranteed Terms of the AG Account are subject to the MVA provisions in 3.05.