THE CONTRACT PRICE. The Owner shall pay to the Contractor for the performance of this Contract, subject to any additions or deductions provided therein, in current funds, the contract price Of One hundred twenty-three thousand seven hundred and three dollars and 00/100 dollars ($123,703.00. Payments are to be made to the Contractor in accordance with and subject to the provisions embodied in the documents made a part of this Contract.
THE CONTRACT PRICE. The Owner shall pay to the Contractor for the faithful performance of the Contract Agreement, subject to additions and deductions as provided for in the Contract Documents, in current funds a sum of Dollars ($ .00) (the “Contract Price”) which sum shall also pay for loss or damage arising out of the nature of the Work aforesaid, or from the action of the elements, or from unforeseen obstructions or difficulties encountered in the prosecution of the Work, and for all expenses incurred by, or in consequence of the Work, its suspension or discontinuance and for well and faithfully completing the Work and the whole thereof, as herein provided, and for replacing defective Work or products for a period of one year after completion. Contract Agreement
THE CONTRACT PRICE. A. This Contract is an indefinite-quantity contract for construction work and services. The Estimated Annual Value of this Contract is $2,000,000. This is only an estimate and may increase or decrease at the discretion of Sourcewell.
THE CONTRACT PRICE shall be the entire compensation owing to the Prime Contractor for the Work and this compensation shall cover and include all profit and all costs of supervision, survey, labour, material, equipment, overhead, financing, and all other costs and expenses whatsoever incurred in performing the Work.
THE CONTRACT PRICE. 1.1.5. Mechanical system installation, start-up, initial testing, the preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals, and operator training are the responsibility of the General Contractor. The testing, adjusting, and balancing requirements in this Section do not relieve the General Contractor from the obligations to complete all portions of the work in a satisfactory and fully operational manner.
THE CONTRACT PRICE. 1. Fees will be based on the rate set out in Part "B" as the "Rate".
THE CONTRACT PRICE. Except where the Contract Price is a fixed price: - The Consultant will provide an estimate of costs and notification of rates before commencing the Services. Any rates charged shall be broken down to advise the cost of overheads and support staff.
THE CONTRACT PRICE. 4.1.1 The total Contract amount for the Project (the “Contract Price”) is $ Dollars and is set forth in detail the bid schedule (“Bid Schedule”) attached hereto as EXHIBIT B, BID SCHEDULE and incorporated herein. The Contract Price shall be certified by the Bid Price Certification (“Bid Price Certification”) attached hereto as EXHIBIT C, BID PRICE CERTIFICATION and incorporated herein. Payment to the Contractor of the Contract Price pursuant to the Bid Schedule, as may be adjusted by Change Order in accordance with the Contract, shall be full payment for the complete scope of Work provided for in the Contract. The Contract Price shall not be modified except by Change Order as provided in this Contract.
THE CONTRACT PRICE. The Owner shall pay the Contractor for the material and labor to be performed under the Contract the sum of $275,530.00, subject to additions and deductions pursuant to authorized change orders.
THE CONTRACT PRICE. The City shall pay the Contractor for the full and satisfactory performance of the Contract, in current funds a sum not to exceed: