Period Sample Clauses

Period. 4.1. The period of the Contract is from and including (commencement date) (the “Commencement Date”) to and including (initial expiry date), unless it is terminated earlier or extended under clause 4.2.
Period. 4.1. The period of this Framework Agreement is from and including 1 August 2019 (the “Commencement Date”) to and including 31 July 2023 unless it is terminated earlier under Clause 4.2.
Period. (a) A new employee will be considered on probation until he has completed hours of work within any twelve calendar months. Upon completion of the probationary period he shall be credited with seniority equal to working hours. With the written consent of the Hospital, the probationary employee, and the President of the Local Union or designate, such probationary period may be extended. Any extension agreed to will be in writing and will the length of the extension. The release or discharge of an employee during the probationary period shall not be the subject of a grievance or arbitration and is at the sole discretion of the Hospital. Employees having less than working hours of service shall be considered probationary employees and will have no seniority rights during this probationary period. Definition of Part-time employees will accumulate seniority on the basis of one (I) year's seniority for each hours worked in the bargaining unit as of the last date of hire, except as otherwise provided herein. Seniority will operate on a bargaining unit wide basis. Notwithstandingthe above, employees hired prior to October will be credited with the seniority they held under the Agreement expiring November and will thereafter accumulate seniority in accordance with this Article. For purposes of accumulation of seniority, transfer of seniority and service, progression on the wage grid and progression on the vacation schedule, all part-time employees' service and seniority shall be converted as at October on the following basis. Employees' hours of service x = Converted hours of service Transfer of Service and Seniority Effective October and for employees who transfer subsequent to October an employee whose status is changed from full-time to part-time shall receive credit for full service and seniority. An employee whose status is changed from part-time to full-time shall receive credit for seniority and service on the basis of one year equals hours worked, and will be enrolled in the employee benefit plans subject to meeting any waiting period or other requirements of those plans. Employees hired prior to October will be credited with the service and seniority they held under the Collective Agreement expiring November
Period. 2.01 The Company and the Union agree, one with the other, that they will abide by the Article of this agreement from September 1st, 2011 to August 31st, 2017 inclusive, and from year to year thereafter unless either party desires to change or terminate the agreement, in which case the party desiring the change or termination shall notify the other party, in writing, at least sixty (60) days prior to August 31st of the particular year that such is its desire. Either party opening the agreement, in the manner provided above, shall notify the other party, in writing, as to the changes desired. However, the parties may meet up to six (6) months prior to August 31st 2017, to commence negotiations.
Period. The foregoing provisions of this Section 6 shall expire on the earlier of (a) a Change of Control or (b) the closing of the Initial Public Offering.
Period. That the Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee herein a revocable leave and license, to occupy the Licensed Premises, described in Schedule I hereunder written without creating any tenancy rights or any other rights, title and interest in favour of the Licensee for a period of Months commencing from and ending on
Period. This agreement is for the scheme to be available during all pharmacy opening hours. The agreement and service delivery will cover the period from 1st April 2020 to 31st October 2020.
Period. These benefits will be provided until the earlier of: • Three years from the date of termination of Executive’s employment; • The Executive’s Normal Retirement Date (as defined in the Retirement Plan) (and, in the case of medical insurance, until Executive is eligible for Parts A and B of Medicare or their equivalent, if later); or • The date Executive obtains reasonably comparable life insurance, medical insurance, dental insurance, accident insurance, or disability insurance, as the case may be, at no greater cost to Executive than was the case at Kaydon. The three year limitation provided above will not apply if Executive: • Is age 55 or older at the time of the Change in Control; and • Is fully vested in the Retirement Plan (or would be fully vested if Executive was a participant in that Plan) at the time of the Change in Control.
Period. Each of the foregoing provisions of this Section 3 shall expire upon a Change of Control.