Verbal Sample Clauses

Verbal. The employee shall take up their grievance verbally, directly with their immediate supervisor or supervisor of their department, except when the employee believes that the employee cannot properly express, or explain, their difficulties to their supervisor, in which case the employee may be accompanied by their xxxxxxx. STEP 2 (WRITTEN) If the grievance is not adjusted by supervision within forty-eight (48) hours after the grievance has been submitted to them, under the provisions of Step 1, the employee may report the matter to the xxxxxxx elected to represent their group who, together with the employee, may take the matter up with the supervisor and shall, at the same time, present a written summary of the grievance.
Verbal. An employee or the union with a complaint shall bring the complaint to the immediate supervisor involved within five (5) days of the occurrence giving rise to the complaint or within five (5) days of the date the employee might reasonably have become aware of such occurrence. A discussion shall take place between the supervisor and the employee or the union within five (5) days of notification of the complaint. The purpose of the discussion is to informally resolve the complaint. If the complaint has not been resolved within five (5) days of the discussion then the following shall take place;
Verbal. A verbal complaint must be received by the unit 10 complaint is made to the immediate supervisor involving a unit 11 member, the District shall, within a period of two (2) days, 12 notify the union’s Chief Union Xxxxxxx. Within three (3) days 13 of the receipt of the complaint, the immediate supervisor shall 14 investigate the facts of the complaint to determine if the 15 complaint appears to have merit. If the complaint appears 16 meritorious or otherwise may result in further action by the 17 District, the unit member involved will be notified in a period 18 not to exceed five (5) days from when the complaint was first 19 received (non-school days excepted). If a meeting is required:
Verbal. Any employee having a grievance must discuss the matter with the Lead Transportation Administrator or immediate supervisor within ten (10) working days after the employee has knowledge or reasonably should have known of the violation or misapplication of the contract. The immediate supervisor shall respond to the verbal grievance within three (3) working days after the date it was discussed. In all cases the employee may have Union representation. In the event the alleged violation or misapplication stems from an action beyond the Transportation Department level, the grievance may be initiated at Step 2 with the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, or his/her designee.
Verbal. Counsel the employee and issue a verbal warning. Attempt to determine and resolve the cause of the problem. At the same time, state specifically that the employee is receiving a formal verbal warning. Place a discipline document in the employee’s file describing the incident and the discussion. Verbal warnings will be active for a six (6) month period before becoming inactive.
Verbal. A verbal reprimand shall be administered by the employee’s supervisor. Verbal reprimands shall be documented in writing and shall indicate those present for the reprimand, the purpose of the reprimand, the date the reprimand took place, the corrective action recommended and further disciplinary action which may be taken if the violation reoccurs. Written Reprimand - A written reprimand is a documented written correspondence issued by the Department Head. The reprimand will state the action that caused the reprimand to be issued, what corrective action must be taken by the employee to ensure the violation does not reoccur and further disciplinary action which may be taken if the violation does reoccur. The employee will receive a copy of the written reprimand.
Verbal. In the event the production standard remains in dispute following Step 1 the Standards Supervisor will arrange a meeting with the Section Manager. The disputed produc- tion standard will be discussed with the parties as in Step Step 3 Written If the production standard remains in dispute following Step the Production Operator, or his Union Represen- tative may present a written grievance to the Personnel Office. Step 4 Prior to a disputed standard being taken to arbitration the Company shall permit, and the Union will bring in a Time Study Engineer who will review the dis- puted production standard and may time study the dis- puted production standard. The dispute must be settled or must be referred to griev- ance procedure within the days of the origin of the dispute or the dispute shall be at an end and the produc- tion standard will remain in effect. Should the dispute go to arbitration the arbitrator shall be a trial Engineer whose findings shall be consistent with the provisions of Section and If the final production standard that is determined is higher than the standard that was previously determined by the Com- pany, the new standard shall be made retroactive to the date of the origin of the dispute and shall be given to the employee in the form of a credit during the week in which the new standard is determined. When final production standards are set, they shall not be changed as a result of an engineering or operational change or to correct a clerical error and only the elements affected will be retimed. If by mutual agreement it is decided to retime an operation after a production standard has been set and there are no engineering or operational changes, the operation will be re- timed on the basis of timing all the operations of the part in the department, and the old production standard that has pre- viously been used will remain in effect until a new production standard has been set. It is understood that where an employee increases his earnings through his own skill and effort and is within the quality re- quirements, it will not be interpreted as being a change in job content as set out in clause above. Temporary production standards may be established by the company in conformity with Clause for a period not to exceed thirty days. During this thirty day period the Com- pany shall establish a permanent production standard in con- formity with Clause Failing to apply a permanent pro- duction standard within thirty days the temporary xxxx- d...
Verbal. Within ten (10) calendar days of the time a grievance arises, the seniority employee either directly or accompanied by a Union Representative, will present the grievance to her or his supervisor. Within five (5) calendar days after presentation of the grievance, the supervisor shall give her or his answer verbally to the seniority employee or to the Union Representative if the seniority employee is not available.