Written Sample Clauses

Written. All instructions from Principal or Manager with respect to the Accounts must be from an authorized person and, except those instructions described in Paragraph 7, shall be in writing, and shall continue in force until changed by subsequent instructions. For purposes of this Paragraph 11, an authorized person means any of the persons duly authorized by the Board to give instructions on behalf of the Principal as set forth in a certificate along with any limitations on such Persons’ scope of authority, such certificate to be executed by the Secretary or Assistant Secretary of the Principal, as the same may be revised from time to time. Pending receipt of written authority, Custodian may in its absolute discretion at any time accept oral, faxed, wired and electronically transmitted instructions from Principal or Manager provided Custodian believes in good faith that the instructions are genuine. If oral instructions are received, Principal or Manager, as the case may be, shall promptly confirm such instructions in writing or by facsimile or other means permitted hereunder. Principal will hold Custodian harmless for the failure of Principal or Manager to send confirmation in writing, the failure of such confirmation to conform to the telephone instructions received or Custodian's failure to produce such confirmation at any subsequent time.
Written. All instructions, directions, and other notices to Custodian from Principal, Manager, Authorized Agent, Valuation Agent, and other duly authorized agents, except those described in Paragraph 7, given in connection with this Agreement (“Instructions”) shall be in writing, and shall continue in force until changed by subsequent instructions. As used herein, written Instructions include Instructions which may be electronically executed pursuant to the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (“E-Sign Act”) delivered via: (i) e-mail instructions/communications with an affixed Adobe Digital Signature mxxx, (ii) facsimile transmission or email with an imaged or scanned attachment (in portable document or similar format or other similar electronic transmission (receipt confirmed), or (iii) secure electronic transmission containing applicable authorization codes, passwords and/or authentication keys issued by Custodian, or another method or system specified by Custodian, as available for use in connection with its services hereunder (“Electronic Means”); provided, however, that Principal, Manager, Authorized Agent, and Valuation Agent shall provide to Custodian an incumbency certificate listing officers with the authority to provide such Instructions (“Authorized Officers”) and containing specimen signatures of such Authorized Officers, which incumbency certificate shall be amended by Principal, Manager, Authorized Agent, and Valuation Agent whenever a person is to be added or deleted from the listing. If Principal, Manager, Authorized Agent, and Valuation Agent elects to give Custodian Instructions using Electronic Means and Custodian in its discretion elects to act upon such Instructions, Custodian’s understanding of such Instructions shall be deemed controlling. Principal understands and agrees that Custodian cannot determine the identity of the actual sender of such Instructions and that Custodian shall conclusively presume that directions that purport to have been sent by an Authorized Officer listed on the incumbency certificate provided to Custodian have been sent by such Authorized Officer. Principal, Manager, Authorized Agent, and Valuation Agent shall be responsible for ensuring that only Authorized Officers transmit such Instructions to Custodian and that Principal and Manager and all Authorized Officers are solely responsible to safeguard the use and confidentiality of applicable user and authorization codes, passwords and/or a...
Written. Provisions including the word “written” or “in writing” mean hand-written, type-written, printed or electronically made and resulting in a permanent record.
Written. All requests for maternity and parental leave shall be submitted in writing to the employee's immediate supervisor at least two (2) weeks prior to the proposed starting date of the leave. It is recognized that in the case of adoption, sufficient notification cannot always be given. Requests for adoption leave shall be submitted in writing, with as much notice as possible, to the employee's immediate supervisor. Where at least two (2) weeks notice cannot be given due to the sudden arrival of the child, written confirmation of the request for leave must be submitted no later than two (2) weeks following the arrival of the child into the employee's home.
Written an advance on the Public Service Award is granted under Article the employee shall enter into a written agreement with the Ernployer, providing that on the termination of his employment he is not entitled to a Public Service Award under Articles to the amount of the advance on the Public Service Award granted to him under Article together with interest, as calculated under Article shall be a debt owing by him to the Province; or the amount of the advance on the Public Service Award granted to him under Article together with calculated under exceeds the amount of the Public Service Award to which he is entitled under Articles to the excess shall be a debt owing by him to the Province; and may be withheld from any sum of money that may be payable by the Province to him, or to any other person by reason of his services. ARTICLE PENSIONS The employees covered by this Agreement to be by the provisions of the Service as amended from time to time.
Written. When an agreement is reached, it shall be reduced to writing. When approved and signed by the parties as required by Sec. 15, Act. 336 of the Public Acts of 1947, as amended, the contract shall be effective.
Written. Persons may submit, in advance of or at a MRC meeting, written comments for the Committee. Comments may be submitted by courier mail, electronic mail, or presented in-person at a monthly Committee meeting. Written comments submitted should be addressed to the Whatcom Marine Resources Committee and should contain contact information of the commenter. Submitting a written comment does not eliminate an individual’s opportunity to address the Committee in-person at the meeting. However, it may be used as an effective means to convey complex information when presenting an overview in person.
Written. Hold a meeting with the employee, at which time you explain the nature of the offense and warn the employee that any further misconduct could lead to a suspension, or discharge. Issue a written warning of the offense. Written warnings will be active for a twelve (12) month period before becoming inactive in employee’s file.
Written. All notices, demands, requests or other communications from each party to the other which are required or permitted under the terms of this Agreement shall be in writing in the Spanish language and, unless otherwise specified, in a written notice by the party to whom notice is intended to be given, shall be sent to the parties at the following respective addresses: If to AC, to: Abengoa Concessions, S.L At./Attn: Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Number: +00000000000 E-mail: xxxxxx.xxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx If to ETVE, to: Sociedad Inversora Líneas de Brasil SL At./Attn: Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Number: +00000000000 Fax: +00 000000000 E-mail xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx If to Abengoa Brasil, to: Abengoa Construçao Brasil Ltd At./Attn: Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Number: +000000000000 Email: xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx If to the Company, to: Abengoa Concessoes Brasil Holding, S.A At./Attn: Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx Number: +000000000000 Email: xxxxx.xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx Manner of Giving. Each such notice, demand, request or other communication shall be given (i) against a written receipt of delivery, (ii) by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, or (iii) by nationally recognized overnight courier service for next business day delivery, or (iv) delivered via telecopier or facsimile transmission to the facsimile number listed above, provided, however, that if such communication is given via telecopier or facsimile transmission, an original counterpart of such communication shall concurrently be sent in either the manner specified in points (i) or (iii) above. Deemed Given. Each such notice, demand request, or other communication shall be deemed to have been given upon actual receipt or refusal by the addressee.
Written. A supervisor may issue a written warning discussing areas of concern along with specific recommendations for improvement.