Physical Sample Clauses

Physical. Oldfield shall obtain an annual physical examination by a licensed medical doctor. The expense of said examination not reimbursed by the College’s insurance program shall be borne by the College.
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Physical. Students participating in athletics must have a physical examination a minimum of every other year. A green colored WIAA Examination Permit Card will be used the year that an athlete is required to have a physical. April 1 is the earliest date a student can get a physical for it to count for the following school year. In the years when a physical is not required, an alternative year card is to be completed. The purpose of the alternative year card is for parents to attest to the fact that the athlete in question has not been hospitalized or has not had a serious injury or illness since the previous year's physical examination card was filed. If there has been a serious injury or illness, or if hospitalization has been required, an athlete will be required to have physician clearance to return to sports. Athletes are not allowed to practice or compete until the Examination Permit Card (physical form or alternate year card) is on file.
Physical. These controls are concerned mainly with the custody of assets and involve procedures and security measures designed to ensure that access to assets is limited to authorised personnel. Detection controls:
Physical. Wellness Exams for adults must be provided within 8 to 10 weeks of the request;
Physical. (i) These controls relate to the security of records. They therefore underpin arithmetic and accounting controls.
Physical. DOT physicals are required of all drivers. Physicals will be given at the Board- designated health provider and will be paid for by the Board. Physicals not taken at the Board-designated health provider will not be reimbursed and driver will be required to retake the physical through the designated provider. (Currently, the Board-designated provider is Spectrum Occupational-Broadmore Avenue.)
Physical. Inspect all physical aspects of the Property, including inspections of all apartment units at the Property and including all systems, components and service contracts. Contributor agrees to supply BNP with "as-built" plans, specifications and surveys with respect to the Property.
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Physical. We strive to empower abused Indigenous women by providing and caring for her particular immediate physical need wherever possible including safety, shelter, accommodation, medical care, and emergency provision such as food and clothing for her and her children. She will be guided to establish on-going safety or personal protection plans for her specific situation.
Physical. Manual dexterity to tie knots, splice rope, repair / use canvas tarpaulins, place slings, use pliers, spanners and other hand tools Pulling knobs, levers, pushing buttons to operate crane, machinery, incinerator Reaching and working overhead Climbing ship’s rope ladders (3m) in rough seas, and steel rung ladders on towers (up to 5m) whilst carrying ropes, light tool bag Lifting weights up to 50 kg (two person lift) Lifting cables, boxes, batteries, winches, hoists up to 25 kg Use powered tools, saws, drills, rattle guns, chisels, sledgehammers Mooring/unmooring vessels Use air/electric chain hoists - pulling on ropes, chain, and pressing buttons on handheld control box Handle cargo on the back deck of vessel Handle wires, chains and ropes during anchor handling Hook and unhook tows Achieved 1
Physical. A child can be physically punched, kicked, hit, spat at, etc.
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