Physical Sample Clauses

Physical. Oldfield shall obtain an annual physical examination by a licensed medical doctor. The expense of said examination not reimbursed by the College’s insurance program shall be borne by the College.
Physical. Inspect all physical aspects of the Property, including inspections of all apartment units at the Property and including all systems, components and service contracts. Contributor agrees to supply BNP with "as-built" plans, specifications and surveys with respect to the Property.
Physical. (i) These controls relate to the security of records. They therefore underpin arithmetic and accounting controls.
Physical. During the term of this Agreement, the Superintendent shall have an annual comprehensive medical examination by a licensed Illinois physician which shall include any tests deemed necessary by the physician or required by the Board. The Board shall be responsible for the reasonable and customary costs of the medical examination and shall pay the cost of any tests the Board requires which are not customarily included in an annual physical exam.
Physical. The District will provide fully reimbursed physicals by a physician selected by the District. Bargaining unit members may select his/her own physician for a physical, and the District shall reimburse the employee up to Seventy-Five Dollars ($75) upon receiving a receipt.
Physical. Manual dexterity to tie knots, splice rope, repair / use canvas tarpaulins, place slings, use pliers, spanners and other hand tools Pulling knobs, levers, pushing buttons to operate crane, machinery, incinerator Reaching and working overhead Climbing ship’s rope ladders (3m) in rough seas, and steel rung ladders on towers (up to 5m) whilst carrying ropes, light tool bag Lifting weights up to 50 kg (two person lift) Lifting cables, boxes, batteries, winches, hoists up to 25 kg Use powered tools, saws, drills, rattle guns, chisels, sledgehammers Mooring/unmooring vessels Use air/electric chain hoists - pulling on ropes, chain, and pressing buttons on handheld control box Handle cargo on the back deck of vessel Handle wires, chains and ropes during anchor handling Hook and unhook tows Achieved            
Physical. Employees may avail themselves of a physical examination annually by a physician of their choice through the medical insurance plan (Section 7.1). The physical shall consist of a complete history, physical examination, Chem 24 blood evaluation, and a choice of pulmonary function test, chest X-ray or EKG. The City shall pay the cost of the office visit upon submission of the physician’s payment receipt through “petty cash” at City Hall. If as a result of the above examination, it is determined that the employee is unable to perform his/her normal duties the employee may apply for accommodation under the Americans’ with Disability Act (ADA) or may apply for other City jobs which meet his/her accommodation. If the employee or the City disagree with the physician’s opinion, the City may seek a second opinion at the City’s expense. If a conflict exists between the two physicians an impartial third opinion may be obtained from a third physician mutually agreed upon by the City and the employee’s physician. The expense of the third opinion will be borne by the City when found to be in agreement with the employee’s physician and will be borne by the employee when found to be in agreement with the City’s physician. No employee may be terminated until the additional opinions referred to above have been received in writing by the employee and the City. If, however, in the opinion of the City physician, the employee is unable to perform all of his/her job duties he/she will use sick leave, vacation time, paid holidays, personal holidays and compensatory time or in the event such time is exhausted, leave without pay, until such opinions are rendered.