Verbal abuse definition

Verbal abuse means, but is not limited to, the use of derogatory terms or names, undue voice volume and rude comments, orders or responses to residents.

Examples of Verbal abuse in a sentence

  • The Need to Protect People against Violence and Violation of Bodily Integrity Verbal abuse, harassment, violence, violation of bodily integrity, and murder or capital punishment are commonly used by the state and its agents, and implicitly condoned when used by civil society, to punish men, women, boys and girls who violate cultural norms of sexual conduct.

  • Verbal abuse, threats of physical violence, or physical violence against bus drivers or any other school employee will not be tolerated.

  • Physical contact, including any physical mistreatment or assaults such as hitting, slapping, kicking, throwing objects or threats of the same nature.2. Verbal abuse (attack in words, or speaking insultingly, harshly).3.

More Definitions of Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse means the use of words, sounds, or other communication including, but not limited to, gestures, actions or behaviors, by a caretaker or other person providing services to a vulnerable adult that are likely to cause a reasonable person to experience humiliation, intimidation, fear, shame or degradation.
Verbal abuse means the use of offensive or intimidating language that is intended to provoke or cause the distress of an individual who receives services or funding from the department.
Verbal abuse means to threaten significant physical or emotional harm to a child in care through the use of:
Verbal abuse means to threaten significant physical or emotional harm to a child
Verbal abuse means the use of a remark which is overtly insulting, mocking or belittling directed at a person based upon the actual or perceived: (1) race, color, sex, religion, national origin, English proficiency, sexual orientation, or gender identity of that person, or (2) citizenship or immigration status of that person or that person’s family member.
Verbal abuse means the use of any oral or gestured language that includes disparaging or derogatory terms, which is directed to a resident, or within a resident's hearing distance, regardless of the resident's age, ability to comprehend, or disability.