Writings Sample Clauses

Writings. Notwithstanding any provision in this Declaration to the contrary, any notice, proxy, vote, consent, instrument or writing of any kind or any signature referenced in, or contemplated by, this Declaration or the By-laws may, in the sole discretion of the Trustees, be given, granted or otherwise delivered by electronic transmission (within the meaning of the Delaware Act), including via the internet, or in any other manner permitted by applicable law.
Writings. References to “writing” mean the representation or reproduction of words, symbols or other information in a visible form by any method or combination of methods, whether in electronic form or otherwise, and including writings delivered by Electronic Delivery. “Written” will be construed in the same manner.
Writings. Whenever this Interlocal Agreement requires a notice, instruction, or confirmation to be in writing or a written report to be made or a written record to be maintained, it shall be sufficient if such writing is produced or maintained by electronic means or maintained by any other photostatic, photographic, or micrographic data storage method such as digital discs as well as on paper, so long as such method complies with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes.
Writings. Any instruments, documents, agreements or other writings executed under or pursuant to these resolutions (collectively, the "Authorization") may be in such form and contain such terms and conditions as may be required by Bank in its sole discretion, and execution thereof by any officer authorized under the Authorization shall be conclusive evidence of such officer's and the Business's approval of the terms and conditions thereof.
Writings. References in this Service Level Agreement to writing shall include typewriting, printing, lithography, photography, telefax, facsimile, e-mail and telex messages and any mode of reproducing words in a legible and non-transitory form.
Writings. The Company agrees that, if at any time following issuance of an Issuer Free Writing Prospectus or Section 5(d) Writing, any event occurred or occurs as a result of which such Issuer Free Writing Prospectus or Section 5(d) Writing would conflict with the information in the Registration Statement, the General Disclosure Package or the Prospectus or would include an untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state any material fact necessary in order to make the statements therein, in the light of the circumstances in which they were made, not misleading, the Company will give prompt notice thereof to the Representatives and, if requested by the Representatives, will prepare and furnish without charge to each Underwriter an Issuer Free Writing Prospectus, Section 5(d) Writing or other document which will correct such conflict, statement or omission.
Writings. Any written materials or software that I prepare, in whole or in part, during the course of my employment with the Company, will be the property of the Company. I hereby assign to the Company all of my full right, title and interest in any such written materials or software. I also will do whatever is appropriate to obtain copyright protection of any such written materials or software relating to my work for the Company or its clients, should the Company so request.
Writings. Upon the request of a faculty member dismissed by reduction-in- force, the President will write a letter stating: