Time Off for Union Business Sample Clauses

Time Off for Union Business. Leave of absence without pay and without loss of seniority will be granted:
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Time Off for Union Business. (a) Leave of absence without pay shall be granted upon request for the reasons set out below unless it would unduly interrupt the Employer's operations:
Time Off for Union Business. (a) Time off from work without loss of regular earnings will be provided on the following basis:
Time Off for Union Business. 9.01 Subject to Clause 9.03, time off, without loss of regular earnings, will be provided to those Employees who have been designated by the Local as authorized Local representatives to conduct official Union business for time spent:
Time Off for Union Business. 13.01 For the purposes of all “leave without pay” described under this Article, the Employer shall ensure that the Employee is paid their full salary, benefits, pension contributions and entitlements to annual increments, salary increases and continuous service. The Employer shall invoice these expenses and the Union shall pay within ninety days.
Time Off for Union Business. (a) The Employer agrees to grant leave of absence with pay (including sufficient travel time) to employees who are representatives of the Union on the Union's Bargaining Committee required to carry on negotiations with the Employer. The Union agrees to bear all related expenses for such representatives. The maximum number of these representatives shall be 14.
Time Off for Union Business. Upon written request and with prior approval of Management, properly designated Union representatives shall be allowed time off without pay for legitimate Union business.
Time Off for Union Business. 1. The Co-operative agrees that employees chosen for such purpose shall be given time off without pay in order to attend Union Conventions or participate in negotiations involving the Co-operative. The number of employees in excess of one (1) granted leave of absence for these purposes shall be determined by mutual agreement. The Union shall notify the Co-operative at least one (1) week in advance of the commencement of all such leaves of absence.
Time Off for Union Business. 15.01 Where operational requirements permit, and on reasonable notice, special leave without pay shall be granted to Employees for Union business: