Traveling Teachers Sample Clauses

Traveling Teachers. 1. Each traveling teacher shall be given a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes to travel from one building to another. The fifteen (15) minutes shall come from the total student contact time of the traveling teacher.
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Traveling Teachers. Traveling teachers are those who are not assigned a dedicated classroom of their own due to limited space. If traveling is necessary within a subject area, traveling status should be rotated. In order to facilitate optimum conditions for instruction, traveling teachers should, to the greatest extent practicable, be provided the following:
Traveling Teachers. Work Experience Education Staff
Traveling Teachers. Teachers who travel on school business shall be compensated for the use of their personal vehicle on a mileage basis at the then-prevailing IRS rate. Traveling teachers shall be allowed a maximum of twenty-five (25) minutes to travel between buildings.
Traveling Teachers. 10.1 Teachers that are assigned to more than one building shall be designated as traveling teachers.
Traveling Teachers. The teaching schedule of teachers assigned to more than one building will be determined by the administration, subject to the provisions of this Agreement. The appropriate administrator(s) will consult with each traveling teacher in developing his/her schedule, and upon the request of an affected teacher, shall meet with him/her to reach a written agreement on expectations regarding attendance at staff meetings, exam schedules, participation in parent-teacher conferences, conference time and any other related matters deemed necessary by either party. If an agreement is not reached, the Continuing Contract Committee shall meet within two (2) weeks thereafter to resolve any area(s) of disagreement. In arriving at an agreement, the parties should consider the proportion of the teacher's time spent in each building, and required for travel between buildings. They will also consider the value of an uninterrupted conference period, and if one cannot be provided should assign the longest conference segments possible, in no case less than twenty (20) minutes in length. If the prep time is occurring at the beginning of the student day, 15 minutes would be allowed to count as prep as long as it does not conflict with other regularly assigned duties (if applicable). The intent is to provide conference time in minimum intervals of 30 minutes. On occasions when traveling teachers are unable to make their assignment, they will notify the principal involved as soon as possible. On occasions when the schedule of such a teacher is altered, the principal will notify the teacher involved as far in advance as possible.
Traveling Teachers. 19.7.1 Traveling teachers shall have their prep and lunch period scheduled next to each other. They will attend one (1) faculty meeting and one (1) department meeting a month and one (1) Open House and one (1) Back to School Night. Meetings to be at the majority assignment site. A reserved parking space shall be assigned. Traveling teachers will be compensated for mileage between the two school sites.
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Traveling Teachers. The Administration will endeavor to minimize the number of trips between buildings that the teacher will be required to make. A conference will be held with the traveling teacher before finalization of the schedule by the Building Principal. Sufficient time will be allowed for the teacher to travel the distance. Traveling teachers shall be reimbursed mileage at the IRS rate.
Traveling Teachers. 1. Teachers assigned to more than one (1) school shall select one (1) of their assigned schools as their pay-site at the beginning of the school year.
Traveling Teachers. Efforts shall be made in the arranging of teachers’ schedules to limit the amount of intra-District travel. Assignment to more than 1 building may be the result of student need and/or an effort to maximize teacher contracts. Questions concerning such intra-District assignments should be addressed to building principal(s) or the Director of Administrative Services. Mileage between schools will be paid at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rate.
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