Lunch Period definition

Lunch Period. Employees who receive an unpaid lunch period and are required to work at their work assignments during such period and who are not relieved, shall have such time counted as hours worked for the purposes of Sections l(b) and l(c) above and shall be compensated at the appropriate compensatory straight or overtime rate, whichever may be applicable.
Lunch Period. A thirty (30) minute non-compensated lunch period shall be 23 provided to all unit employees who render service of at least six (6) consecutive 24 hours in a workday. With the mutual agreement of the immediate manager and 25 the unit employee, the non-compensated lunch period may be extended to a 26 maximum of an additional thirty (30) minutes for a unit employee who renders 27 service for at least six (6) consecutive hours in a workday. If the lunch period is 28 extended up to a maximum of thirty (30) additional minutes, the additional 29 minutes shall be worked on the same day as an extension of his/her regular 30 assigned work schedule. The immediate manager may interrupt or terminate an 31 employee’s extended lunch period schedule, and return the employee to a thirty
Lunch Period. All teachers shall receive a daily duty free, uninterrupted lunch period of at least forty minutes in length. Teachers shall be permitted to leave the building during their lunch period, provided the school office is notified.

Examples of Lunch Period in a sentence

  • Should these Employees have been unable to take their Unpaid Lunch Period during the regular time or within the flexible period then Overtime as specified under Article 19:06 will apply.

  • Lunch Period All employees shall be granted a lunch period which shall be unpaid.

  • Breaks shall be scheduled by the immediate supervisor.Hours Worked Break(s) and Lunch Period Scheduling0 to 3.99 hours 0 minutesAt least 3.5 to 5.99 hours 15 minute paid breakAt least 6.0 to 7.99 hours 15 minute paid break and 30 minute unpaid duty-free lunchAt least 8.0 or more hours (2) 15 minute paid breaks and 30 minute unpaid duty-free lunch 2.09 Emergency School ClosingsA.

  • Breaks shall be scheduled by the immediate supervisor.Hours Worked Break(s) and Lunch Period Scheduling0 to 3.99 hours 0 minutesAt least 3.5 to 5.99 hours 15 minutesAt least 6.0 to 7.99 hours 15 minutes and 30 minute duty-free lunchAt least 8.0 or more hours (2) 15 minutes and 30-minute duty-free lunch 2.08 Time Sheets or other Form of Electronic Tracking of Hours WorkedTime sheets shall be used by all employees.

  • One hundred fifty (150) minutes of duty free lunch periods per work week in blocks of not less than thirty (30) continuous minutes during the teachers’ regular work day except as provided for in Article VI, Section Y-Duty Free Lunch Period.

More Definitions of Lunch Period

Lunch Period. Work schedules shall provide for the work day to be broken at approximately mid-point by an uninterrupted, unpaid lunch period of thirty (30) minutes. When employees who normally receive an unpaid meal period are directed to work during that period and receive no equivalent time off during the same shift at a reasonable alternative time, they shall have such time treated as hours worked and shall receive compensatory time at the appropriate overtime rate.
Lunch Period. Health associates shall be provided an unpaid lunch of at least thirty (30) minutes. If a health associate is required to work because of an emergency or other operational need, as determined by the School District, he/she shall be paid at their regular rate of pay for this time.
Lunch Period. Employees shall have the “option” to designate “duty-free” lunch periods and if the employee so chooses, such “duty-free” period shall punch out, without pay and the employee’s normal work day shall be extended for the same period of time as the “duty-free” period. Employee’s taking a “working lunch”, don’t punch out, with the understanding work is being done at these times or administration has the right to doc time or extend the employees work day.
Lunch Period. All teachers shall have a duty-free lunch period equivalent in length to the students’ lunch period.
Lunch Period. Each shift shall have a one-half (1/2) hour lunch period at or near mid- shift.
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Lunch Period. All teachers shall be given a minimum of thirty-five (35) consecutive minutes, duty free, as a lunch period daily.