Absences and Leaves Sample Clauses

Absences and Leaves. In the event that one member of the job/time sharing arrangement is off due to illness or injury or goes on any other leave of absence, the remaining partner will endeavour to cover all of the absent partner’s shifts for the duration of the absence. If the employee is unable to cover the absences, she or he must inform the Director of Resident Care or designate.
Absences and Leaves. 19.1 General procedures for implementing absences and leaves procedures follow:
Absences and Leaves. 20.5 In the event that one partner in the shared contract is unable to fulfill her/his commitment to the agreement, the remaining partner and the site manager shall work together to make arrangements which are mutually agreeable, to fill that percentage of contract. Should the remaining partner choose to assume any part of the vacant position, her/his employment and leave status, and rate of pay shall be changed to reflect the change in percent of contract, effective the day the unit member assumes the new contract.
Absences and Leaves. 10.1 General Procedures for implementing absences and leaves procedures follow.
Absences and Leaves. The following leave regulations apply to all unit members. Terms used in this section are to be defined as follows:
Absences and Leaves. All rules pertaining to absences and leaves for faculty shall be made with due consideration being given to preserving the continuity of instruction and related activities to the fullest extent possible. Faculty shall meet with all scheduled classes except in cases of unavoidable absence due to illness, injury, other similar uncontrollable factors, or as allowed in Article 20.
Absences and Leaves. Section 1:
Absences and Leaves. 11.1 Leaves may be with or without pay as specified by the Agreement.
Absences and Leaves. Section 1. Absences from the regular work assignment are considered as time worked and are paid the regular daily rate, but will not be considered actual work hours for overtime purposes and shall not be included in overtime calculations. Days will be provided based upon the employee’s hours of work at the time, rounded to the nearest hour. Days granted will be used in hours up to a ¼ day minimum.